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Half Ironman Training: Spring Training Program

By Mike Rich

“Doing Half Ironman Training in Spring? We have the tips to help your performance become a success. Read on!” Successful performance in a long and challenging event like a half-Ironman requires many months of diligent preparation off a substantial fitness base. Following is a general overview of a sensible training program that will lead you […]


Ironman Training Plan: Getting Ready for the Big Day!

By Mike Rich

“You’re signed up for your first race and have six months to go. This plan will get you to the line, ready to complete 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles on the bike and a 26.2-mile marathon run. Read on!” If you’ve committed to completing your first IRONMAN race, first of all: congratulations. Now it’s […]


Triathlon Ironman Training Plan for Every Triathlete

By Mike Rich

“Training for a Triathlon Ironman can be very hard. Check out the plan below and see how it can help you train for the big day. Read it now!” Training for an Ironman doesn’t have to be as daunting as it can seem. Everyone can complete an Ironman. This Ironman training plan is designed to […]


Half Ironman Mistakes Triathletes Need to Avoid!

By Mike Rich

“These common Half Ironman mistakes are best avoided on race day. Read them now!” It’s no secret that Ironman racing (the 140.6 mile version) has become crazy popular, with races selling out a year in advance, often in only minutes. As a result, Ironman-focused conversations dominate the triathlon space. Yet probably 90% of these Ironman […]


Ironman Training: Balancing Training, Family, and Work

By Mike Rich

“How do you really balance your Ironman Training with family and work? Read on to find out!” Preparing for an Ironman triathlon involves more than swimming, biking and running. A successful Ironman race starts with a program that balances training with work and family life. “I see people making two mistakes pretty often,” says Time […]


Important Beginner Ironman Training Tips

By Mike Rich

“Giving you tips and advice for your Ironman Training. Read more now!” The Ironman triathlon is a rigorous test of your strength, stamina and endurance. There are many ways to build yourself up to make sure that you survive your very first Ironman competition. Not only will you have to train your body to complete […]

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