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Triathlon Ironman: Training Strategies

By Mike Rich

 “Listing down tips for your Triathlon Ironman training. Read it now!” 1. Complete Short Swims Swimming requires much more efficiency, economy, and technique than it requires pure fitness. With this in mind, frequency and consistency in swimming is more important than marathon swim workouts of 60-90 minutes, which is typically how long a Master’s swim […]


Ironman Triathlon Beginner Tips

By Mike Rich

“Must read Ironman Triathlon tips for beginners. Read it now!” Ever wondered how to train for an Ironman race: a 3.86km swim and 180km cycle, followed by a marathon? UK champion Fraser Cartmell shares his elite regime, while his coach, Gordon Crawford, offers some top tips for novices. Signing up to your first Ironman is […]


Triathlon Training Plan: Ironman Speed

By Mike Rich

“Giving you tips for your Triathlon training plan. Check it out now!” Less than three years ago, Kendra Goffredo didn’t know how to swim, hadn’t ridden a bike in 15 years, and was coping with a running injury — not the most auspicious circumstances to tackle a triathlon, let alone an Ironman. But after her […]

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