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A Very Informative Half Ironman Training Program

By Mike Rich

“Looking for an effective Half Ironman Training Program? Check out the plan below and decide for yourself.” Half Ironman Training Program: 1.2mile Swim | 56mile Bike | 13.1mile Run 1,930meter Swim | 90km Bike | 21k Run Start this program if you can consistently swim 40min, run 60min and bike 90min. This half Ironman plan […]


Ironman Competition: Are you Ready for it?

By Mike Rich

“Iron Man is a competition that values endurance and consistence. Are you ready to be a part of it. Read on and find out!” An Ironman Competition is a triathlon, an athletic event that challenges competitors to complete three legs of a race: one swimming, one biking and one running. Although the term “iron man […]


Must Read: Ironman Training Plan for People with Full-time Jobs

By Mike Rich

“Are you a Triathlete with a full-time job and need an Ironman Training Plan suited just for people like you? You’ve come to the right place. Read on!” You’ll need about 20 weeks to condition your body for a full Ironman, but prepare yourself to dedicate a longer time period if you currently exercise less […]


Ironman Training: Nutrition Rules to Remember

By Mike Rich

“Want to compete for Ironman? Learn how you can stay properly fueled during training so you can perform your best on race day!” When you’re training for a high-mileage Ironman triathlon, fueling up the right way isn’t just about what you consume. It’s about how you consume it, so you can maximize the benefits of […]

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