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Sprint Triathlon Training Schedule

By Mike Rich

“A very informative Sprint Triathlon Training Schedule that can make a difference on race day. Read more now!” Your own background in sport and current fitness level will be the deciding factors in the type of race you choose and the distance you go for. Your first race should ideally be challenging, yet realistic. Don’t […]


Sprint Triathlon Training: The Run

By Mike Rich

“Getting ready for your sprint triathlon training? Then let these tips help you with your triathlon run. Read more below!” More than half of today’s triathlons are sprint distance: a series of 0.75-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike ride and 5-kilometer run). Shorter distances are attractive to beginners and competitors who only have limited time to devote […]


Triathlon Sprint: Training Hard

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon Sprint training can be really tricky but if you need to train hard then this one week sprint training plan is a must. Read more about it below!”   Just because it’s a short race doesn’t mean you have to take it easy when it comes to training for a sprint triathlon. Coach Lynne […]


Sprint Triathlon Training and More!

By Mike Rich

“Giving you more than just Sprint Triathlon training tips. Read it now!” Triathlons used to be the domain of elite athletes. Not anymore. More than 1 million people stepped up to a triathlon starting line last year—37 percent of them women, according to USA Triathlon. “Triathlons have taken over the reins from marathons as the […]


Tips for Your First Sprint Triathlon

By Mike Rich

“Tips for your first Sprint Triathlon. Read them below now!” Here are some tips for beginners preparing to complete their first sprint triathlon. Race Week Workouts: During race week, you want to continue keeping the number of workouts high, while reducing the duration of workouts. You should continue doing speed work (such as strides or […]


Very Impormative Sprint Triathlon Training Program

By Mike Rich

“A very informative Sprint Triathlon Training Program. Are you ready for it? Read more below!” Ok, so you want to do a sprint length triathlon? To start the final 13 week program leading up to a sprint tri, you will need to be able to consistently sustain the following: 20min swim, 30min bike, 20min run. If […]

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