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Triathlon Swimming: Drafting on the Swim

By Mike Rich

  “Want to swim faster? Want to try drafting on the swim? Check out these Triathlon swimming tips now!” Do you want to swim faster with less effort? Do you want to exit a triathlon swim fresh and ready for the bike? Do you want to focus less on navigating all over the course, and […]


Triathlon Transition: Tips for a Faster Triathlon

By Mike Rich

“Simple tips to help you do a faster triathlon transition. Read them now!” Whether this is your first triathlon or you’ve reached a point that your life is defined by your training and pursuit of the podium, making a fast transition is important. It is the one area where minutes can be shaved off your […]


Strength Training for Triathletes: Best Strength Exercises

By Mike Rich

“What’s the importance of strength training for triathletes? What are the best strength training exercises? Read this article to find out!” Are you over 35 years of age? Do you have a limited amount of training time? Do you want to reverse—or at least slow down—as many aspects of the aging process as possible? Are […]

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