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Training for Triathlon: Bike Workouts

By Mike Rich

“Training for triathlon? Then you must check these bike workouts. Read more now!” Early spring is when you should get more specific with your sessions. You will be getting a little stale with long steady miles and the turbo trainer, so now is the time to speed up your riding. Introducing some faster pace work […]


Training for Triathlon: Must Read Bike Tips

By Mike Rich

“Training for Triathlon? Here are some important bike tips for you. Read them below!” If you are quite new to the world of road-biking it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little about bike terminology that perhaps you are not familiar with. This way when you are discussing your triathlon bike training and racing with other […]


First Major Decision as a Triathlete: Choosing Your First Bike

By Mike Rich

“Choosing your first bike can be an extremely overwhelming process. Today, the choices are rather numerous and several factors must be considered before you make a final decision. What are they? Find out below!” How much should I spend? What material is the best? Who makes the best bike? Should I buy a triathlon bike […]

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