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Swimming Training: Swim Workouts for Triathletes

By Mike Rich

“Your swimming training must be done specifically  for the triathlete in you. Check out these swim workouts now!”   Some  Masters swim programs don’t include workouts geared specifically for triathletes, instead focusing training toward Masters swim meets. I’m sad for those triathletes because a good coach and Masters group can make swimming more enjoyable. In addition […]


Training for Triathlon: Bike Workouts

By Mike Rich

“Training for triathlon? Then you must check these bike workouts. Read more now!” Early spring is when you should get more specific with your sessions. You will be getting a little stale with long steady miles and the turbo trainer, so now is the time to speed up your riding. Introducing some faster pace work […]


Running Tips: How to Breath When Running

By Mike Rich

“How do we breath when we run? Let these running tips help. Read them now!” I’ve heard people advocate breathing in through the mouth and out through the mouth, using slow breathing rhythms, and all sorts of nonsense. Nothing irks me quite like the spread of misinformation, especially when it pertains to training topics. Therefore, […]

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