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Triathlon: How to Be the Best Triathlete

By Mike Rich

“Giving you tips on how you can make your better, best for your next Triathlon race. Read more now!” A grueling triathlon competition features miles of running, swimming and cycling. It is not for the weak. Don’t let the prospect of finishing the course intimidate you, however. There are tricks you can employ to ensure […]


Triathlon Plus: Preparing Your Child for Triathlon

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon plus – your child wants to do Triathlon too? Below are tips on how to make them a winner. Read it now!” Training and preparing for three different sports in one can be a little more intimidating than deciding to do a kid’s running race or local 5K. Three sports are a little more […]


Triathlon Blog: Off Season Training

By Mike Rich

“Looking into a Triathlon blog to answer some of your off season training questions? Look no further. Check this out now!” The off-season presents an interesting conundrum in that the more experienced and fit we become, the deeper our end of season recovery needs. As well, the greater our fitness at the end of our […]

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