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Running Tips: How to Breath When Running

By Mike Rich

“How do we breath when we run? Let these running tips help. Read them now!” I’ve heard people advocate breathing in through the mouth and out through the mouth, using slow breathing rhythms, and all sorts of nonsense. Nothing irks me quite like the spread of misinformation, especially when it pertains to training topics. Therefore, […]


Running Training Program: Workout for Triathletes

By Mike Rich

“Looking for a running training program? This running workout for Triathletes is a must read. Check it out now!” Among your foremost needs as a triathlete is that of determining how to best allocate your energies within each discipline. Even among jocks who focus only on running, this is a challenge. Figuring out how much […]


Running: Improving Your Triathlon Run Endurance

By Mike Rich

“Running tips to improve your run endurance. Read it now!” Improving your triathlon run endurance should be your aim whether you are a beginner triathlete or a more experienced one. The actual training is very similar for both beginner triathletes and more advanced triathletes. The main difference is that for more advanced triathletes (those who […]

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