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Run Away from Health Problems

Run Not Only to Stay Fit But to Stay Healthy As Well.

Though running may not cure everything, it’s been linked to all sorts of health benefits, emotional perks, and even disease prevention.

One of the benefits of running is much improved sleep. Several studies have been able to successfully link a positive relationship between running and getting a better nights sleep. Another benefit is it improves your mental health. Wondrous feel good hormones are released when we run, which include endorphins. In addition, it slows down the aging process. Whether you’re in your twenties or fifties, chances are pretty good you’re interested in retaining a youthful appearance and attitude. And running/jogging improves your cardiovascular endurance.

But it is no secret that When most people think about the many health benefits of running, they usually think of running for weight loss. Losing those fats completely needs more than just running everyday.

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Brain Benefits of Running

Brain Benefits of Running for the Triathlete

Running helps more than your heart and lungs. Promising brain research shows a strong link between running and a “younger,” more nimble brain. All forms of exercise generate more energy for the brain, but research indicates the more aerobically challenging the exercise, the greater the mental payoff.

Running helps you get better at learning and storing new information and memories, may make the executive functions that happen in the frontal cortex (decision-making, planning, organizing, juggling mental tasks) easier, and more.

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