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Triathlon Swimming: Drafting on the Swim

By Mike Rich

  “Want to swim faster? Want to try drafting on the swim? Check out these Triathlon swimming tips now!” Do you want to swim faster with less effort? Do you want to exit a triathlon swim fresh and ready for the bike? Do you want to focus less on navigating all over the course, and […]


Swimming Training: Swim Workouts for Triathletes

By Mike Rich

“Your swimming training must be done specifically  for the triathlete in you. Check out these swim workouts now!”   Some  Masters swim programs don’t include workouts geared specifically for triathletes, instead focusing training toward Masters swim meets. I’m sad for those triathletes because a good coach and Masters group can make swimming more enjoyable. In addition […]


Learn to Swim: Swim Training Tips from the Pros

By Mike Rich

“Want to learn to swim and looking for training tips? Let the pros help. Read their tips now!” Quality, not quantity It’s better to swim 6 yards executing top-notch strokes than mash out a hundred sloppy laps. Why? Because if you put all of your effort into finishing a certain number of laps or getting […]

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