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Swimming: Beginner Triathlete’s Swim Workout

By Mike Rich

“How can you improve your swimming workout? A must read not only for beginners. Check it out now!” Swimming is my absolute favorite workout/sport, there’s nothing else I rather do than jump into the water and swim for hours. Of the three triathlon’s segment, swimming it’s my favorite one. I like not only the physical […]


Swim Technique: Important Tips to Remember

By Mike Rich

“15 Swim Technique to help you improve your swimming form. Read it now!” We all know that swimming is all technique, so we share 15 Swimming Technique Tips to help improve your efficiency and times. Reach as far as you can forwards so that your arm straightens fully plus pause for a fraction of a […]


How to Swim: Improving Your Triathlon Swim

By Mike Rich

“Helpful tips on how you can improve your Triathlon swim. Read it now!” Does this sound familiar? You’ve done your laps at the pool diligently all winter long and have gotten into rather good shape; the best shape you’ve been in, in years! Sure your swim technique may not be the best, but still, you’ve […]

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