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Swimming Techniques for Open Water

By Mike Rich

“Swimming on open water for your next Triathlon? Then you need to check out these swimming techniques. Read what they are below!” There are some fundamental differences between swimming in open water and swimming in a pool. There are also differences between ocean swimming and lake swimming. Here I will explain swimming strategies specific to […]


Triathlon Swimming Technique: Improving Your Triathlon Swim

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon swimming technique you can use for your next race. Learn how you can improve your Triathlon swim below!” As technical as the sport of swimming can be, it is tough to narrow down the answer to the often-asked question, “what should I concentrate on?” So, I came up with a “top ten” list of […]


How to Swim Faster: Swimming Smarter not Harder

By Mike Rich

“Important tips on how to swim faster. Read them now!” For many coaches, swimming faster is the result of gradually increasing the length and intensity of swimming workouts so that the general fitness level increases. While conditioning has its place, this is not all there is about how to swim faster, because swimming is a […]

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