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Your Questions About Triathlon Workouts Training

Ruth asks…

What are the benefits of weight training?

Best answer gets 10

Mike Rich answers:

If you are old enough to weight train safely (you should find out how much you can do at your age), the benefits are tremendous.
It really depends on what you want before you start a weight-training program what you will get out of it.
You can increase your muscle size…which is ego-boosting and makes you look even better in your clothes.
You can increase your strength, which most guys want anyway and comes in handy every day.
You can increase your endurance which will allow you to work or play longer that you used to. This is useful if you want to be in triathlons and the like.
The type of training you do depends a lot on your age. If you are really young you want to be sure that your ligaments and tendons are mature enough to handle the extra stress that training will require. Training will make them stronger over time. If you are middle aged or old, then you may lack the flexibility to handle training without supervision, stretching and sensible progression of your exercises
Results vary depending on your body type and genetics but if done right and for the right reasons you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. The YMCA and YMHA offer great weight training programs for little money. You should consider supervision by someone who qualifies . Some magazines offer exaggerated claims to get you to buy supplements..don’t fall for this.
Remember that the worst thing you can do is over-train(and most people do).You get more muscle growth when you rest between work-outs than during the actual workout.Hope you enjoy training
Training can help prevent bone loss as you age, strengthens the muscle and bone attachments, can prevent falls in older people, increases your natural testosterone levels and much more.

Jenny asks…

How to build endurance?

I have speed but I don’t have enough endurance. I can run at a sub four minute mile pace, sub five minute mile pace, any given pace but I just can’t keep up faster paces long at all. I want to run a sub 5:00 mile but I can’t even complete a 400 meters in 1:15 or less. How to build that ability to hold faster paces for longer?

Mike Rich answers:

Hi.I would recommend doing hill training and tempo runs if you want more endurance:

Lisa asks…

What is a good diet to follow?

I want to become LEAN! What is a good food diet to follow? with really good results?

Mike Rich answers:

Here are the diet recommendations:

6:00 AM – Meal 1

This meal can have more fat because you have all day to burn it off.

5 egg-white omelet – You can throw one whole egg in for flavor (Use a little cheese and pepper for taste) if you want add some ground turkey breast, or vegetables).

2 slices of wheat toast or small multi grain bagel (I put low fat peanut butter and sugar free jelly). The more grains in your bread the better – Nine Grain bread is a great toast in this case. Avoid all white breads, pasta, flour etc.

Work out! – DO cardio in the AM.


9:00 AM – Meal 2: Post-Workout

Eat carbs now after the workout – it helps with insulin transport and recovery.

Skim milk with banana or oatmeal with raisins in it (you could even go with small portions of both if you want)

NO Fat Yogurt (you can also have a piece of fruit if you have oatmeal.)


12:00 Noon – Meal 3

Ground Turkey Breast with a little cheese (NO mayo – you can have mustard, A1 sauce, low fast salad dressing) in a whole-wheat wrap. I often have 2 of these! (If you like peppers or similar vegetables, you can throw them in since they add no fat)

– Baked Lays chips (regular)
– Broccoli (light butter you can use the spray if you truly want to avoid all fat)
– Piece of fruit


3:00 PM – Meal 4

1 can of Tuna fish or egg whites here again with a multi-grain, whole-wheat bagel / bread.

However, since most people are at work and have to have food that is easy, you can also settle for another wrap, yogurt, and cold carrots.

5:00 workout – Lift or calisthenics in the early evening


Post-Workout Meal 5

I recommend a protein shake right after workout like a myoplex just be sure the one you get is low in fat. If you don’t want to drink supplement drinks, have a can of tuna with little to no mayo, or a piece of chicken on top of a salad and a few wheat crackers and pickles mixed in.

Dinner! Again you can have GOOD carbs here to give you energy back, but avoid fat since you will go to bed in the next few hours. The last thing you want is fat before you go to bed because then it is simply going to be stored.

Try the Barilla Multigrain pasta. It is THE pasta to eat since it has 10 grams of protein in a serving and almost no fat. I would have this with turkey breast in it, or lean steak, fish, or chicken breast with a sauce of your choice, just avoid fat sauces. This way, you are getting good post-workout carbs and protein. Use wheat bread and just use garlic on it so you have healthy garlic bread.


Now your day is done – good eating mixed with 1-2 workouts. The workouts can be as simple as walking 20-30 minutes or as tough as triathlon training. It is up to you and your fitness level and goals. The diet is great for any person trying to lose body fat.

Do not forget to drink WATER! See the “Weight Loss Myths” article to read about the importance of water with workouts. Water is the key. Drink it before you eat — it fills you up. Remember it takes the human body about 15-20 minutes to realize it is full, so give yourself time with small portions, and you will be full. Know that you just will not feel that way right away. I always tell myself to eat when the clock says to eat, not when my body says to eat. This way I am never full, and I am never hungry. This is a rough idea of how I eat.

Here are some other meals I would try:

– Salad-chicken – no fat dressing
– Chicken broccoli
– Multi-grain Pasta, turkey sausage-peppers (red yellow & orange), fat free Italian dressing (a cold dish)
– Turkey breast burger on wheat bread
– Egg whites are always a good meal! (Egg whites are just so healthy)
– Subway roasted chicken breast avoid mayo use the honey mustard or nothing
– Tuna


– Fruits
– No-fat yogurt
– Vegetables

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Your Questions About Sprint Triathlons In Florida

George asks…

When can normal people do the triathlon in florida?

17 years old
where will it be at?

Mike Rich answers:

Are you good at swimming, cycling and running? If so, you can do a triathlon anytime you want. They are all over the state. You’re no longer young enough to qualify for a youth triathlon but most races have beginner categories. I recommend a Sprint Triathlon for your first race because they are some of the shortest distances. You can find more information about a great event in Lake Placid, if that’s not too far from you. Also, if you’re weary of open water (lake) swim, there are also duathlons, where racers run-bike-run.

Joseph asks…

Should I buy a TREK 1000 WSD? STUMPED!!! Need advice!?

I’ve been searching on the web for a fairly new road bike. I came across a TREK 1000 WSD for 400 bucks that is suppose to look like new…ridden less then 100 miles!! I’m 5’3″ and the bike is a 51 inch. This should theoretically fit…but I’ve never ridden a TREK!! The bike is also located 4 hours away. So my question is should Jump on this opportunity… take the chance and drive 4 hours??, or keep waiting. I went to my local bike shop to test ride a TREK 1.2 which I thought would be similar but they informed me that they couldn’t get their hands on one until AUGUST!! I have a Sprint Triathlon coming up in August…I’d really like to upgrade from my Wal-mart bike before then!!! WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?!?!?!? I appreciate your opinions!! =)

Mike Rich answers:

You mean 51 CM – But 51 sounds big to me for your size…..
My wife is 5’2 and rides a 49 i think and her bike has smaller than average wheels (650C i think instead of the more common 700c)

A used bike should be 1/2 of what it cost when new. 400 for the trek sounds a little high.
Don’t forget the gas money for 200 miles round trip….at 20MPG that’s around 40 bucks…

You can try buying online online if you want…..
My wife has the WIndsor Willow from Bikesdirect and trained for a sprint tri with it…and she was happy with it.
It was 400 – new about a yr ago.

Some other places to check online.
Http:// -local stores in TX and florida only i thing ( under cyclespectrum brand) – they have local stores too

But really for a srint tri – you can use your walmart bike….if it;s in good condition and won’t break down. Get clip on Aero barsnow and after finishing the TRI – why don’t you reward yourself with a bike then…..and a well deserved massage.

And check out if you want to find encouragement or support and also they have free training plans and articles about what to expect.

Good Luck.

Maria asks…

Triathlon wear please help!?

I am a competitive swimmer in high school doing my first real triathlon. i have done team ones with myself as the swimmer but that isn’t as intense. Can someone make me a list with everything i will need including any energy stuff and water as well as equipment? obviously i know a bike but i would love one with everything just to make sure.
Links and pictures would be great!

Mike Rich answers:

Well since the things you need for a race greatly depend on what type of triathlon you are doing. Since you are relatively new to the sport i would recommend that you begin with a sprint triathlon. If you succeed with the sprint triathlons in the early part of the season and feel like you can do more then move on to an Olympic Distance.

Here are the things I bring to a sprint triathlon

a.) Pre Race
-USAT Card (if you are going to compete in more than 4 races, make sure you purchase a membership from USAT to avoid a 10 copay every race )
-some sort of identification ex drivers license / student ID
-Good Pair of Warm ups

b.) for the swim
-Wet suit ( make sure they are allowed in your race)
-a cheap towel
-body glide

c.) the bike
-mountain/road/triathlon bike
-aero or mountain bike Helmet
-some sort of hydration system which could be simply as a water bottle mounted on your bike
-cage/clip less peddles are nice but they are not necessary if you are just trying out the sport
-You really don’t need it for sprints but GU is good nutrition just in case you need something

d.) the run
-I greatly recommend some sort of zip laces
-body glide
-sunglasses are optional
-race belt

Now body glide is an amazing gel that helps prevent blisters on your feet and acts like a lubricant when applied to the skin. In other words if take some and apply it to you ankles, wrist and neck it will help you wet suit come off much faster. In addition apply it to the backside of the heel on your shoe so that your shoes slip on much easier. This should also prevent blister if you don’t run with sock but if its not enough i have heard that baby powder is amazing.

If you decided to move on to an Olympic race I would recommend you to make the following changes to the list above.
-stick to a road or triathlon bike. Mountain bikes become way to inefficient at this stage
-You need to have some sort of nutrition/hydration system
– find some sort of clip in/ cage pedal so that you can go faster with less effort
– a flat kit to mount on your bike

Lastly, if you are a college student check you college to see if there is a local triathlon club. Many predominant and local universities including Michigan State, Michigan, Central Michigan, Penn State, USC and Florida all have clubs and can offer great advice on how get involved in the sport. If your not a student, just check out their websites and someone will be more than willing to help you out.
Good Luck and Enjoy the madness!

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