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Your Questions About Triathlon Training Schedule

David asks…

How often should I go out on my racer bike?

I aim to do 40-80 miles 4 times a week
should I go out everyday?

Mike Rich answers:

I will preface this by stating that I am by no means an authority on the subject. I have trained in the past for triathlons but have recently begun training for the two day MS 150 in September.

(I assume by racer you mean a competition legal road bike fitted with a secondary wheel set, as you should rarely if ever train on your primary wheel set.)

Since biking and running are similar I tend to remember something I was told by one of my high school Cross Country coaches. We were trained to handle double the duration of the race at 80% the week prior to racing. Although my race in is September, I have several Time Trials before then to help keep me on track. Below is how my next 4-6 weeks shape up.

Sun- cardio/run/stationary bike
Mon- long ride 32-48 miles
Tues- rest
Wed- long ride 32-48 miles
Thurs- short ride/Timed sprint 16 miles
Fri-short ride/easy 16 miles
Sat- run

Some Tips: If your not feeling roughly 90%, riding at your usual pace may cause more harm than help. You may get a work out, but your cadence gets rather skewed and in my case I tend to compensate with getting out of the saddle more often. I ride only four days not because I cannot ride more, but so that I can recover and make sure I’m always anticpating my next ride. (Opinion) If your not looking forward to training than your chances for improvement are lessened. I tend to run, others swim, but as long as your active a day off won’t make that much different.

Bottom line is to stay consistent. If you think that it will be difficult to bike five days a week at some point, I wouldnt start now. By keeping the same schedule, you can better track progress and keep your body rested. There is such a thing as muscle memory and consitency is the greatest way to achieve this.

(PS once your closer to the actual race I would back off the more exhausting workouts.)

Hope this helps and Good Luck!


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Your Questions About Olympic Triathlons

Laura asks…

Can you run a triathlon 1 week after they take off your cast?

4 weeks ago I fell and I broke my wrist (displaced distal radius – Colles fracture) when I was training for the bycicle leg of an olympic distance triathlon. The actual race will take place 6 days after they take off my cast. Despite the cast on my arm, I’ve been able to run and ride a stationary bike, so I kept my cardivascular system in good shape. The problem is that I haven’t been able to swim and won’t be until the cast is off (a total of 6 weeks without swimming). Is it unrealistic to think that I will be able to swim 1 mile 1 week after the cast is off? How about riding the bycicle. Can I ride a real road bycicle 1 week after the cast is off? Will I need a wrist splint? where do i get one?
I didn’t have any problem swimming 1 mile before the accident

Mike Rich answers:

Sorry, but I think it’s very unrealistic. A joint which has been immobile for 4 weeks will be quite weak even after a week of rehab.

The bicycle on the other hand is another story. I think you’ll be fine since you’ve said you were cycling even with the cast on. You can wear a splint if your wrist is causing you pain. You can buy one at just about any sporting goods store. Ask them to let you try it on first. Some do not provide you with the “sturdy” feeling they should.

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Your Questions About Sprint Triathlons

Linda asks…

Doing sprint triathlon this weekend. Should I train hard this week or take it easy?

I have been shortening volume but increasing intensity… Should I be feeling a bit tired or more refreshed as it gets closer to race day?

Mike Rich answers:

Begin your rest cycle on Wednesday for a Saturday race, Thursday for a Sunday race. You can still easy spin on your rest days, but go easy just to stay loose. I find easy riding on rest days is more beneficial for me on race day since my body is used to riding 6 days a week. The easy spin can even be on a trainer. You should be feeling excited but refreshed.

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