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Investing in Good Running Shoes

By Mike Rich

“It’s always best to invest on good running shoes. Why? Read the reasons below!” The best running shoes are shoes that will be kind and gentle on your feet throughout any running exercise. This benefit will reflect itself in its most striking way immediately after a workout, when the way your feet feel then is […]


Bike Components: A Beginner’s Bike

By Mike Rich

“Many materials and technologies are used to build different types of bikes. Below is a beginner’s guide to bike components. Read it now” Buying a new bike or accessories can often be bewildering to the novice; the folks working in the shop almost seem to be speaking a different language. It’s almost as bad as […]


Best Running Shoes

By Mike Rich

“Reviewing the best running shoes for Triathlon. Read it now!” There are several factors you need to consider when buying a new pair of running shoes. They are: Flexgrooves With the current trend for more natural-feeling running, flexibility has been increased in many shoes, with some models having lengthways grooves designed to help guide your […]

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