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Must Read Road Bicycles Reviews

By Mike Rich

“Looking for fast, fun and affordable road bicycles? Read more now!” Most of us have dreams of riding like the pros on TV—effortlessly spinning up our own versions of the Alps or furiously sprinting to a win on our own personal Champs-Elysées. But for some of us, the tools used by those larger-than-life athletes are […]


Fuji Bikes: 2013 Fuji Altamira Review

By Mike Rich

“Fuji bikes  is an American owned Japanese brand of bicycles and cycling equipment, and one of it’s latest bikes is the Fuji Altamira 1.3. What sets this bike apart from the rest? Read the review now!” Enter the Altamira 1.3, an all-carbon, disk-equipped beauty that we were excited to put through the paces. Along with tearing […]


Kestrel Bikes: All About 2013 Kestrel Legend SL Dura Ace Road Bike

By Mike Rich

“Kestrel Bikes are quite popular with Triathletes, especially with the latest addition, 2013 Kestrel Legend SL Dura Ace Road Bike. Read what you need to know about this bike below!” The Kestrel Legend SL Dura Ace road bike is a premier, lightweight racing machine that provides best-in-class performance. At a mere 780 grams, the Legend frameset […]

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