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Triathlon Suit 2013 Review: Blueseventy Reaction

By Mike Rich

“A short but must-read Triathlon suit review of Blueseventy Reaction. Read it now!” Brand: Blueseventy Model: Reaction (this comes in a female and male version) Pink for the girls and Orange for the boys Flexibility Turning the suit inside out you will notice the orange 4-way stretch lining fabric in the arms and underarm areas. It […]


Great Triathlon Suits for Men

By Mike Rich

“What are some of the best triathlon suits for men? Read below to find out!” The triathlon is considered by many (including myself) to be one of the most complete and pure competitions on the planet. Swimming, cycling and then running, it takes everything you’ve got just to finish, let alone place well. It’s exhilarating […]


How to Choose the Right Triathlon Wetsuits

By Mike Rich

“How do you really choose the right Triathlon Wetsuits? Read on and find out!” You are looking for a new wetsuit? After all is said and done, you want to buy the best fitting wetsuit that you can find. Why? Because, fit is everything in a triathlon wetsuit. The best fitting wetsuit for beginners and […]

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