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Triathlon Suit

Triathlon Suit 2013 Review: Blueseventy Reaction

“A short but must-read Triathlon suit review of Blueseventy Reaction. Read it now!”

Triathlon Suit

Triathlon Suit

Brand: Blueseventy

Model: Reaction (this comes in a female and male version)

Pink for the girls and Orange for the boys


Turning the suit inside out you will notice the orange 4-way stretch lining fabric in the arms and underarm areas. It felt like there was plenty of flexibility to help keep my arm stroke like it would be in the pool, and without arm fatigue. I also noticed added flexibility behind the knees, which can assist those of you that are big kickers and find that wetsuits bunch behind the knee when it bends.


A standard zipper means you will have no trouble getting into this suit. Add to this the lower neckline and you should feel no bulk or chafing around your neck.

Transition speed

The standard zipper offers the usual transition. No faster or slower and you will have no troubles getting this suit off. If you are still nervous about transition speed, the internal seem is designed so that you can even cut the length of the legs without damaging the function of the suit.


It’s a snug fit and I can’t imagine water will get into any of the openings.

Calf panels and arm catch panels

The forearm panels are different to other suits I have seen. The forearm has a dimpled (but still flexible) texture for the catch part of your stroke, travelling right up to the elbow bend.

Why you want this suit:

This reliable suit provides a good mixture of flexibility and buoyancy without the price tag of other suits. It looks good with its hot pink highlights and is extremely comfortable. This is a suit that could easily be a go-to suit for any triathlete, no matter what you are specifically looking for. More at Wetsuit Review 2013: Blueseventy Reaction

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Great Triathlon Suits for Men

“What are some of the best triathlon suits for men? Read below to find out!”

The triathlon is considered by many (including myself) to be one of the most complete and pure competitions on the planet. Swimming, cycling and then running, it takes everything you’ve got just to finish, let alone place well. It’s exhilarating and something I recommend any athlete try. On the day of the race you don’t want any distractions, so I recommend you find a great tri suit for men to help keep you mobile, streamlined and in top racing form at all times.

Triathlon Suits for Men

Triathlon Suits for Men

The triathlon suit is a specialized piece of clothing that allows you to compete in all three of the stages of the race, and it’s intended to protect you from the elements without making you too warm or limiting your mobility. There’s a reason that most serious triathletes wear them in their races. There are a wide array of options now, including full body, one piece and two piece suits, and the options can get a bit bewildering.

I’m writing this article to share several of my favorite tri suits for men, in the hopes of helping you make the right choice the first time around. We’ll be looking at three of my top choices, and I’ll go over each one carefully and explain why I feel like it’s a solid product to invest in. We’ll also briefly cover why you should consider a men’s triathlon suit in the first place. Let’s begin.


I hear this question often, and I can understand why it might be a bit perplexing why you’d need a specialized suit for running this race. There are a few good reasons, which I will get into shortly. Let me say that men’s triathlon suits are always optional, they are just preferred by most people. It’s the same reason why a cyclist will often opt to wear the spandex shorts and jersey: it makes the activity much more comfortable.


A tri suit for men is built to be a lot better for swimming in. The material is very thin and almost fragile, but it’s intended to let you cut through the water with ease. Tri suits increase your hydrodynamics in the water, especially if you have a lot of body hair and aren’t really wanting to shave. With a really good tri suit for men, you should notice a difference in your level of efficiency, and sometimes you’ll even be a bit more buoyant.


A major issue with running or cycling in a wet swimsuit is chafing. When moisture and fabric meet, it can often cause it to grab and irritate skin, and it’s a big problem. The advantage of a triathlon suit for men is they have a lot less chafing, and they often make use of a chamois type material that not only increases your comfort, it wicks away moisture to keep you dry. The better suits will use flatlock seams and protect you from zipper rash too, and they’re usually designed to keep the legs from ‘riding up’ as you go.


One of the key reasons why a men’s triathlon suit is the best option is the issue of transitions. When you move from one stage to the next, there is a hectic period of changing clothing and getting your gear ready. If you’re wearing an optimized suit, there’s no need to change clothing at all, and you can just worry about shoes. It can save a few seconds, and those seconds can mean the difference between winning and losing a race.

Pearl Izumi Triathlon Suit for Men

I’m a big fan of most of Pearl Izumi’s product line, and this suit is no different. What I really appreciate about the product is the combination of great features and wearability along with a very reasonable price tag that most racers can afford.

This suit is comprised of mostly nylon, but there’s a significant component of elastene that makes it like a second layer of skin. It also includes chamois elements that keep the suit quick drying and very comfortable as you run. Despite the skin tight nature of the suit, it’s actually very flexible and comfortable and resists chafing with its plush material construction. It breathes fairly well for a suit in this price range.

The legs won’t ride up too much on this suit, and you won’t find the need to do much in the way of adjustment. It dries very quickly and it’s pretty fast to get in and out of. Chlorine resistant material should stand up to prolonged use. Overall it’s a one piece tri suit for men that will suit just about everyone.

Two Piece Men’s Tri Suit by 2XU

Finding a decent two piece option is often a bit more difficult because they aren’t typically sold as a set, so you’ll need to find a good set of shorts and a good top. 2XU is a great company that produces triathlon clothing for a very reasonable price point.

The Comp series is meant for anyone who wants to be competitive and undistracted during a race. Let’s start with the top. It’s constructed of nylon and elastene and it’s form fitted for greater aerodynamics and comfort. The stitching is ‘flat lock’ and it’s mostly done externally, limiting any seams that could cause chafing or discomfort as you move. It’s covered in vent panels and dries extremely quickly, and there’s a good freedom of movement.

The shorts are very comfortable and with 20% elastene construction they will compress your leg nicely for a bit of support while you run. They are quick drying and feature chamois components that increase your comfort level. They grip well and shouldn’t ride up much while you run.

Both the top and bottom feature some small pockets for race day essentials, keys or whatever you need to hang on to.

These pieces will tend to run a bit on the small side, so you may want to go up a step in size. Their exchange policy is great, so if it doesn’t fit you aren’t stuck.

Louis Garneau Full Body Triathlon Suit for Men

Looking for something a little more professional? Louis Garneau is another of my preferred brands, particularly in the realm of cycling. They usually run pretty high in price so I’m surprised to see such a nice tri suit for such a low cost. This suit is one of the best choices, especially if you’ve been burned in the past by poor quality construction.

The comfort level is really high, and the construction is all flatlock seams and flexible materials. There is a flexible mesh under the arms and in the crotch, and the front zipper comes with a protective inner panel to prevent any zipper rash.

Unlike other suits that make use of silicone nibs to grip your legs, this suit uses an elastic band that really compresses your leg muscles, which I personally love. The legs won’t ride up much and overall the suit should fit like a glove. You’ll experience a high freedom of movement, and high abrasion areas are protected with a chamois material that is soft and wicks away moisture from your body.

Like many tri suits, this one runs a little bit small. Available in a few different colors and sizing configurations. If you want a further step up, consider the Elite Course suit by Louis Garneau is excellent, though it’s a lot pricier at nearly double the cost of this item. More at 3 Great Tri Suits For Men | My Favorites and Why

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Triathlon Wetsuits

How to Choose the Right Triathlon Wetsuits

“How do you really choose the right Triathlon Wetsuits? Read on and find out!”

You are looking for a new wetsuit? After all is said and done, you want to buy the best fitting wetsuit that you can find. Why? Because, fit is everything in a triathlon wetsuit. The best fitting wetsuit for beginners and everyone else is going to be the most comfortable, the warmest, the fastest, and perform the best for you.

Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon Wetsuits

Full-Sleeve or Sleeveless?
If you take the time to find the best fitting wetsuit, you will always be better off with the full sleeve suit. Full sleeve suits are faster, warmer and actually fit better than sleeveless wetsuits (read on).

I would be lying if I said that a sleeveless suit did not free up the arms and make for more freedom for the arms. However, by solving one problem, you create a bunch of others. Many people don’t get a good seal at the arm holes and they get a lot of water leakage and then they are carrying around an extra 5 – 10 lbs of water with them on the swim. Also, I have seen more serious cases of neck rashing on sleeveless suits than on full sleeve suits. A full sleeve suit anchors the neck down and it will tend to move with your body. On a sleeveless suit, the neck now moves independently creating more friction and the potential for more neck rash issues.

Take the time and find a great fitting full sleeve suit.

3 Keys To Great Fit

1. All brands fit a bit differently. Find the brand that fits you best. For example. Nineteen is cut a bit longer in the torso, fuller through the torso and wider through the shoulders. Also, our ElleSystem for women is a true anatomically correct women’s fit that has been well thought out and designed specifically for the woman triathlete.

2. Find the right size. A wetsuit is an intimate fitting garment. It needs to fit you like a second skin. Tight is good – so tight that it’s restricting, is not so good. This is where shopping for a new wetsuit at a reputable triathlon store, with the help of a good sales-person who really knows wetsuits is very helpful. Many triathletes, left up to their own devices on this front, often buy a wetsuit one size too big. A good sales-person who knows wetsuits can give you the confidence to get the right size, that it will work for you in the water. A word about size charts: We try to make the Nineteen fit chart as accurate as we can. It’s very weight-centric. That means, that if you fall in a weight range, and you are not crazy tall or short – that’s your size.

3. Get the wetsuit fitted to you properly. This is a three stage process that you must go through when trying a new wetsuit on for fit, and every time you swim in the suit. Many triathletes skip right over this, and then complain that there wetsuit does not fit them – but they have not fit the wetsuit to themselves:

A) Hike the wetsuit up as high as you can at your waist – uncomfortably so. Like you are giving yourself a wedgie!!

B) Put each arm on and start working the rubber up the arms (one arm at a time). Do not do the zipper up yet. Keep working the rubber up the arms. If the rubber starts to move up and away from your wrist that is OK. You want to have the rubber worked up the arms so that you can grab a small fist of rubber in your hand between the point of your shoulder and your neck. It’s OK if for now, the rubber is a bit lumpy along the line of your shoulder. That will go away. Now get the zipper done up. It’s OK if you need help with this.

C) Stand up tall with the zipper done up and then do a formal Japanese bow – keeping your upper body straight, bend at the waist. Once bent over look back at your groin area and you will see rolls of rubber. Grab the top roll and then as you slowly start to stand up straight, work that role of rubber hand over hand, up over your stomach and chest to your collar bone. Repeat this several times until the rolls in the groin area are almost gone.

If you are in the right brand, the right size and you have properly fitted the wetsuit to you, you should now be able to swim, and it feel like you are swimming without a wetsuit, only warmer and faster!

A word about wetsuit rubber: Many of the mid and high-end wetsuits are made with a higher grade of smooth-skin rubber. Many of us in the business use Yamamoto 39 rubber. This is a wonderful material that is light, very buoyant and flexible, and often has a surface treatment that makes you as hydrodynamic in the water as a shark! The down-side to this amazing material is that it’s very delicate. It is particularly susceptible to finger-nail cuts and other abrasions. You need to always be very careful when trying on, and putting on wetsuits made from this kind of rubber.
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