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    Ironman Hawaii 2016 Results Pro Men Triathlon

    By Mike Rich

    Hey, what’s up triathletes? Taren here. Ironman Hawaii 2016 is over. Today, we’re going to be running down what happened in the men’s race, who won, how it unfolded, and why I’m here in the office to get this video ready for you until four in the morning. Stick around for it. At the start […]


    Triathlon Swimming: Drafting on the Swim

    By Mike Rich

      “Want to swim faster? Want to try drafting on the swim? Check out these Triathlon swimming tips now!” Do you want to swim faster with less effort? Do you want to exit a triathlon swim fresh and ready for the bike? Do you want to focus less on navigating all over the course, and […]


    Investing in Good Running Shoes

    By Mike Rich

    “It’s always best to invest on good running shoes. Why? Read the reasons below!” The best running shoes are shoes that will be kind and gentle on your feet throughout any running exercise. This benefit will reflect itself in its most striking way immediately after a workout, when the way your feet feel then is […]

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