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    Strength Training for Triathletes: Best Strength Exercises

    By Mike Rich

    “What’s the importance of strength training for triathletes? What are the best strength training exercises? Read this article to find out!” Are you over 35 years of age? Do you have a limited amount of training time? Do you want to reverse—or at least slow down—as many aspects of the aging process as possible? Are […]


    Swimming Training: Swim Workouts for Triathletes

    By Mike Rich

    “Your swimming training must be done specifically  for the triathlete in you. Check out these swim workouts now!”   Some  Masters swim programs don’t include workouts geared specifically for triathletes, instead focusing training toward Masters swim meets. I’m sad for those triathletes because a good coach and Masters group can make swimming more enjoyable. In addition […]


    Training for Triathlon: Bike Workouts

    By Mike Rich

    “Training for triathlon? Then you must check these bike workouts. Read more now!” Early spring is when you should get more specific with your sessions. You will be getting a little stale with long steady miles and the turbo trainer, so now is the time to speed up your riding. Introducing some faster pace work […]

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