Important Things to Know for Beginner Triathlon

“How to Train for a Beginner Triathlon? We’ll help you. Read on..”

beginner triathlonTrain for a beginner triathlon in a deliberate and disciplined way. A triathlon makes demands on a body that few athletes will ever endure. This can be especially jarring for a first-time triathlete. Without proper training, you will not finish the race and might even hurt yourself.

Put together a beginner triathlon training program

Start at least three months before the beginner triathlon if you are already in good shape. Start at least six months before if you are in average condition. You must be committed to dedicating one to three hours to working out per day, five or six days per week.

Rotate your events. In the early stages of training for a beginner triathlon, focus on your weaker events. For example, if you are a strong runner and pretty good bicyclist but weak swimmer, start the week by pushing yourself hard with a swim workout. Follow with a bike workout the next day then a running workout the following day. By the third day, the run workout will seem like a rest day to a strong runner. If your body is drained after the third day, rest for one day before repeating the cycle.

Start training for your distances two months before the triathlon. Most beginner triathlons are sprint triathlons. They involve a half-mile swim, a 13-mile bike and a 3.2 mile run. Some competitors move right up to an Olympic triathlon with a .93 mile swim, a 24.8 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run. During your workouts, Booster tickets on sale Wednesday for EA SPORTS Maui Invitational Championship Round alternate covering the distance in short sprints and at a steady pace. Get your body used to the length of the race. Keep doing one event per day.

Start bringing it all together one month before the triathlon. Get used to swimming, bicycling and running all on the same day. Cycle through high-intensity shorter distance workouts and steady paced routines for the entire length of a leg of the race. Dont try to do the entire distance of all events more than once per week. A blister or injury could set back your training for weeks.

Rest your body with one week before the triathlon. Keep doing all events every workout, but focus on staying loose and relaxed. Keep distances relatively short and intensity light. Increase your rest intervals and get plenty of sleep. You want to peak on race day.

Obviously diet is an essential part of training for a beginner triathlon. Serious athletes must avoid junk food and alcohol while loading up on whole grains, lean protein and healthy ts. Triathletes must also drink plenty of water all the time. It is a constant struggle to stay hydrated.

Avoid injury at all cost. If you get hurt you wont be able to train. If you experience pain, stop exercising immediately and figure out what is wrong. Continuing to train for a triathlon while in pain could lead to a severe injury.

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