Bike Accessories to Remember When Purchasing a Bike

“Thinking of buying a bike for your next Triathlon race? Never miss these bike accessories. Read what they are below!”

Bike accessories

Bike Accessories: Lock, lights, helmet, track pump and lockable skewers.

1. Bike lock

Suggestion: Kryptonite New York 3000
Price: £65
In-store or online: In-store (Cycle to Work = 40% off woo!)

What came first? The bicycle lock or the bike. It doesn’t matter, because unless your bike looks like you’ve just hauled it out of a canal then its going to get stolen. The first thing you’ll need therefore, is a decent lock. It doesn’t get much more decent than the Kryptonite New York 3000. It’s a lock that will resist all but the most persistent attacks.

2. Bike lights

Suggestion: Knog Boomer and Blackburn Flea
Price: £25.49 and £21.99
In-store or online: Online (Probably don’t have these in store)

Even if you the thought of repairing a puncture makes you run and hide under your bed covers you’ll still be able to install the Knog Boomer and Blackburn Flea. Both are beautifully simple to install and with USB charging you’ll save a bundle from not having to replace batteries. Plus they both provide plenty of light and look great.

3. Helmets

Suggestion: Bell helmet
Price: £31.49
In-store or online: In-store (Cycle to Work = 40% off woo!)

I hear gasps at the back? I’d be hearing even more gasps if I didn’t give a shout out to the bicycle helmet. Long a point of contention – to wear one or not to wear one? I’ll leave the choice up to you. I’ve written about bicycle helmets previously. The Bell helmet I recommend is a bit of an “out there” choice for those that want to look cool on their bikes.

4. Track pump

Suggestion: Topeak Joe Blow Sport
Price: £24.99
In-store or online: In-store (Cycle to Work = 40% off woo!)

Life before buying a track pump was tenuous. My mini-pump, try as I might, could barely ever reach the required tyre pressure. The track pump on the other hand makes light work of empty tires and means I can cycle without wasting energy due to flat tyres. I highly recommend the Topeak Joe Blow Sport.

5. Lockable skewers

Suggestion: Pinhead Four Pack Locking Skewer Set
Price: £53.99
In-store or online: In-store (Cycle to Work = 40% off woo!)

You may have mistakenly believed the fifth item I’d mention is mudguards. You can’t have the pleasure of road muck spraying on your back if someone’s run off with your wheels, saddle and handlebars. That’s exactly what the Pinhead system secures and it is worth having if you are riding an expensive bike.

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