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“Listing down the best road bikes for Triathlon. Find out what they are below!”

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Red

If race-day speed is your only concern, then a super-expensive, super-aerodynamic TT bike is probably going to get you across the finish line fastest at your next triathlon or Ironman race. But if you’ve got a limited budget, care about comfort and/or want a bike you can also use for training, commuting or the odd sportive event, then a road bike is the way to go. Bianchi Sempre Pro Veloce (2013) The latest Sempre Pro improves on what was already a great bike. It retains the great ride and has a fully featured up-to-date frame that’s also shaved a fair few grams. Pros + Smooth over coarse surfaces + Sharp race-bike like handling Cons – Not the best value for money spec – Frame deserves better than average wheels Performance 5/5 Value 3/5 Overall 4/5 Boardman SLR 9.2 (2012-2013) The Boardman SLR is a racer’s bike: seriously light, but stiff enough to put every watt where you want it and superbly stable to make sure you can concentrate all your effort on going forward. It’ll go toe-to-toe with bikes three times its price. Pros + Superbly stiff, power-proof, stable and surefooted frameset + Top componentry keeps weight low and responsiveness high Cons – Stiff frame feels sharp rather than forgiving at low speeds – Man-size performance means man-size gears, so pootlers need not apply Performance 4/5 Value 5/5 Overall 4/5 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Red (2013) Our first ride on the Evo involved some deep breaths to ready ourselves for potential disappointment. Down-specced, mid-price carbon fibre copycats from other brands have a history of half-hearted performance. But Cannondale’s carbon guru, Peter Denk, has done an incredible job here. The ride sensation as you clip in and roll up the road is sublime. Pros + Fantastic ride quality + Super-light SRAM Red based build flatters the frame further Cons + Fantastic ride quality + Super-light SRAM Red based build flatters the frame further Performance 5/5 Value 5/5 Overall 5/5 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Red, Racing Edition (2013) Cannondale’s SuperSix isn’t a new bike, but the Evo Hi-Mod version introduced in 2012 dropped it into the competitive ultra-light frames fight. The builds available with this frame are cleverly-thought-through kit lists that create stunning performance at a relatively reasonable price. Pros + Stunning ultra-light, yet powerful and punchy frameset + Ride is really soft but it still corners and sprints very well Cons – Tubular tyres will scare some people off – Leaves you with absolutely no excuses Performance 5/5 Value 5/5 Overall 5/5 More at Best Road Bikes For Triathlon Review

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