Discount Bikes: Tips for Buying Cheap Bikes

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Buying Cheap Bikes

Cycling is fun, healthy and eco-friendly. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to travel. With so many places to buy second-hand bikes, it can now be even cheaper. Here’s ten excellent sources for second hand (or free) bikes.


1. Ebay
A vast selection of used and reduced-cost bikes. It’s always worth checking for bargains. But beware of high packaging costs. There are also no guarantees about the bike’s condition. Often sellers will expect collection – so be sure to check the location of the bike before you buy.

2. Gumtree
Another great online marketplace. The condition of the bikes varies greatly and the really great deals go fast. Look how long an item has been listed – if it’s been a while, you might try offering less than the advertised price.

3. Local paper
Scour the back-ends of local papers and scrutinize community noticeboards. They often feature advertisements for used and second hand bikes.

4. Going Going Bike
A fantastic resource for road bikes, mountain bikes and Bromptons. They also guarantee to buy your Brompton if you wish to sell it. Unsure of what you want? Try their handy bike match tool.

5. Police auctions
There are great bargains at police auctions, including assets such as bikes, vehicles, jewellery and electronics. Most of these have been seized or found by police who are unable to identify their rightful owners. With starting prices as low as £1 it may be worth popping your head in the door. Try Bumblebee Auctions for online auctions.

6. Bike charities
The UK has many fantastic bike charities that put recycled and second hand bikes to creative and socially-empowering uses. They don’t just accept old bikes – you can buy refurbished bikes from them too.

Bike Back in Bristol is run by Life Cycle, and takes unwanted bikes to Bristol Prison where prisoners help to repair and refit them with the help of experienced mechanics. Read about upcoming Bike Back sales on their website.

Scotland’s The Bike Station is another inspiring social-cycling initiative. Volunteers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth work with schools and youth groups to increase cycling confidence, bike awareness and pass on training skills. You can buy fully refurbished bikes from any of the stations. Or, find out about their fix your own bike sessions. More at 10 tips for buying cheap bikes

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