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“These running accessories will surely be of big help on race day. Check out what they are below!”

Running Accessories for Triathletes

Running is probably the only sport out there that doesn’t require a whole bunch of expensive “stuff.” You need shoes, yes, but other than that you can just hit the road! However, there are a TON of awesome accessories, gadgets and gear that can take your running experiences up a notch.* These are a few of my favorite “must haves” when I hit the road for a run.

1) RaceReady shorts – I have both regular and compression shorts in this brand and I can’t say enough great things about them. The regular shorts are very light weight and don’t ride. I do choose to wear the compression shorts if I’m doing distances over 6 miles (that’s when the chaffing starts to become a problem). The BEST part about the RaceReady’s are the pockets. You can stuff yourself like a pack mule with these things and you hardly notice anything is catching a ride on your bum. I had 6 Gu’s, my cellphone (in a plastic baggie), chapstick, and a stick of Body Glide packed into mine for 26.2 miles and didn’t feel a thing.

2) Nathan Shadow Pak – This pak, that non-runners will mock and call a fanny pack, was my first running accesory purchase. I needed to carry my cellphone with me and it wasn’t feeling great rubbing against my boob stuffed into my bra. Don’t judge, you know you’ve all done it, too. This pak is small, but it will hold a cellphone and 1 or 2 Gu’s. You can also stick your car key in it. I mainly use this on short runs when I’m not wearing a pair of RaceReady’s. It feels best for me around my natural waist with the pouch in the small of my back.

3) Nathan Fuel Belt – I just recently bought this because I can’t stand carrying a drink in my hand. This belt has been a life saver for runs on a hot day. It took a good bit of getting used to but I don’t mind wearing it now. Each bottle holds 10 oz which is plenty of fluids for a short or a long run. I only take in a few ounces every 3 miles, so I could easily do a 20 miler with this belt. Odds are, if you’re running more than 20 miles, you’ll pass by a store where you can refill the flasks. (Unless you’re running in farm land, then just find a generous cow.) I put water in one flask and rum, I mean, Gatorade or nuun, in the other. You can also get the belt with 4 flasks but I wasn’t a fan of having bottles surrounding me and jabbing my ribs. Just a warning; non-runners will also mock this item.

4) T2M2R Tech Tee – This one isn’t just because I drink the T2M2R “kool-aid.” I honestly LOVE this shirt. Most of the time it’s dirty from me lounging around in so I don’t get to wear it on my runs. However, when I do wear it, it absorbs sweat, keeps me feeling nice and cool, and it has a bright green logo that makes me feel very visible out on the street! More at My Top 10 Running Accessories

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