The Top 10 Running Accessories

“Listing down the Top 10 Running Accessories. What are they? Read on and find out!”

Whether you are a moderate runner or a marathon runner, there are some items that are imperative to your run. These items are items that no runner should be without. Running is a sport that does not encompass a team, but rather one individual runner. Yes, I know there are people that run in teams, but these team runners are either Olympic athletes or athletes in that are in school from junior high level through college.

Running Accessories

Running Accessories

Even runners that do run on teams can use these items, though. That is what makes these items necessary for any runner, on any level.

Shoes: Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any runner. Every runner needs a good pair of running shoes. This is why I picked out the New Balance 1080’s for my shoe of choice. I was in the military, and when I went to boot camp we were given New Balance shoes. I found these shoes to be comfortable, and they made it easier to run my mile and half in. Since then I have bought several New Balance Shoes, and I find the New Balance 1080’s to be the best shoe for running.

Shorts: I prefer the look and comfort of the Adidas women’s marathon 10 Grete shorts. These shorts allow for the utmost comfort, and anybody who has ever been a runner knows the discomfort that comes from not having a pair of good running shorts. This is the reason that I trust Adidas and rely on these shorts to provide a good running experience.

IPod Nano: The iPod Nano is small and lightweight, but holds up to 16GBs of music. This means that there is no reason people should not be carrying this iPod with them on their daily rus, or even in a marathon. You now have the power to connect your iPod Nano to your shorts, and take off a more exciting run. Upload your favorite music, and off you go.

Water bottle: Sports bottles are an essential item for any runner. The sports bottle allows runners to ensure that they have some water with them. This means that there is no excuse as to why a runner should be getting dehydrated. Hydration is the key to any good running experience.

Heart Rate Monitor: This is one piece of technology that is imperative for any avid runner to have. A heart rate monitor can let you see how your heart is holding up during any run. It is important for any runner to know if his or her heart is going to fast or to slow during a run. This is the reason I recommend a heart rate monitor for any runner.

Treadmill: A treadmill is a vital piece of exercise equipment for any avid runner. The weather is not always capable of holding up for runners, and this is the reason that every runner should have a treadmill in his or her home gym. Runners that are not able to go running due to the weather are still able to practice with the use of a good treadmill.

Hat clip light: This light comes in handy for any runner that wants to enjoy a nice run during the cool nights. This light allows traffic to see you, and assist in your safety. This is the reason I recommend a hat clip light for any avid runner.
Reflective bands: These bands attach to your wrist and are reflective, which means that you’re covering your ground to protect yourself on a late night run. It is important for runners to protect themselves while running at night, and these bands assist in protecting you on nightly runs.

Speed resistance parachute: The speed resistance parachute is good for runners that are looking to build quickness that they can use against the competition. The parachute resists your speed, which means you have to run harder to build more speed. This is the reason that any runner looking to gain speed should purchase a speed resistance parachute.

Stopwatch: A stopwatch is a vital piece of equipment for any runner. The stopwatch allows runners know if they are getting better over time, or if they need to work harder to get faster. This is the reason that I recommend a stopwatch.
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