Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle

“Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle is a highly recommended bike. Why? Read on to find out!”

Schwinn Women's Lakeshore Bicycle

Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike features a striking purple Schwinn cruiser frame with a large spring saddle and easy-reach handlebars on a cruiser stem. The SRAM Grip Shift is mated to a 7 speed Shimano TZ rear derailleur for effortless cruising. The Lakeshore comes with a Back Storage Rack and rust-proof alloy linear pull brakes. The Lakeshore is comfortable on most terrains, thanks to the sturdy 36 hole alloy rims.


Product Features and Specifications

Women’s cruiser bike
Steel Schwinn Women’s Cruiser Frame
Easy-reach handlebars with alloy cruiser stem for comfortable riding position
SRAM Grip Shift shifter
Shimano 7 speed drivetrain
Rust-proof alloy linear pull brakes
Back Storage Rack
All-terrain alloy rims

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike has received many favorable reviews at and is currently rated 3.6/5 stars.

The Negative Reviews

The Schwinn Lakeshore has had a few negative reviews. Some of these are particularly worth noting if you’re a prospective buyer.

The initial assembly seems to be a major problem for many new buyers. The accompanying instructions are quite vague and not specific to the bike. A set of Allen wrenches will go a long way if you plan on putting it together by yourself. Otherwise, off to the neighborhood bike shop for some paid assistance.

The fenders and light duty rear-rack are not made of high quality metal like the rest of the frame.

Many users have reported that the tires blew on inflating for the first time. Nothing a quick trip to the repair shop won’t fix, though. Still, the cheap quality of the tires has forced some users to purchase better replacements, thus incurring additional costs.

The initial adjustment of the gears and brakes can be a little tricky for the novice.

The Positive Reviews

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike has garnered some praise as well, and most reviewers have given it a favorable rating.

The Lakeshore offers decent value for money. It is equipped with a 7 speed drivetrain, front and rear fenders and a rear storage rack, features normally found on more expensive bikes.

Most users have found the gears to be nicely spaced, the high gears giving good speed and the low gears good torque.

The cruiser-style handlebars and stem are fairly adjustable and the seat, quite comfortable.


Would we recommend the Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike to our readers?

Yes, and here’s why:

At its price, the Lakeshore is poised to be a bestseller. It has some great features like the 7 speed drive, front and rear fenders and a convenient rear storage rack. Yes, the reports of initial trouble are a bit of a downer, but this is a common problem with shipped bikes and nothing a couple of hours with some wrenches won’t fix. The people at Amazon are always prompt in sending broken or missing parts. Overall, the Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike offers good value and is a bike we would recommend. More at Schwinn Lakeshore 26 Women’s Bike Reviews

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