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Triathlon Checklist: Must Have on Race Day

By Mike Rich

“Do you have all your gears ready for your big race? Check out this Triathlon Checklist and find out!” Ensure you are prepared with all your race gear. Add  these ones on your list now! GENERAL Watch or heart rate monitor and band Energy bars, gels and fluids Sunscreen Talcum powder (for shoes) Vaseline (to […]


Your Questions About Ironman Triathlons Us

By Mike Rich

George asks… ironman triathlon? like how long u run and how far u swim and how far u have to ride your bike Mike Rich answers: An Ironman triathlon is a triathlon sanctioned by the World Triathlon Corporation that adheres to specific distances for each part of the event. The Ironman World Championship is an […]


The Best Bike Components

By Mike Rich

“For your next triathlon race, it’s best to have the best bike components. Read what they are below!” One should not put too much emphasis on a bicycle’s components, as any true cyclist will say that the fun and increased performance comes with training, not with $$$. That said, cyclists–more than any other athletes–like to […]

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