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2013 Best Cruiser Bikes

By Mike Rich

“Reviewing the best Cruiser bikes for 2013. Read below to find out what made the list!” Let’s face it, a comfortable bike for women can be difficult to find. You look all over town for something that won’t make your shoulders sore from leaning over and won’t give you a sore seat either. Cruise bikes […]


The Best Hybrid Bikes

By Mike Rich

“Reviewing the best Hybrid Bikes. Thinking of buying one? Then read on!” The hybrid bike is the best of two worlds. Hybrids take the best characteristics from road bikes and combine them with the best characteristics of a mountain bike. A hybrid is a great choice for the cyclist who wants a bike as a […]


Women’s Road Bike: The Best Bikes for Every Budget

By Mike Rich

“Choosing the best women’s road bike can be tricky especially if you’re in a budget. Let us help you with our review below. Read it now!” Women’s Road Bike: Many manufacturers offer road bikes in women-specific designs. Women tend to have shorter torsos and narrower shoulders than men, and women’s road bikes take this into […]

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