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Cruiser Bikes

2013 Best Cruiser Bikes

“Reviewing the best Cruiser bikes for 2013. Read below to find out what made the list!”

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes

Let’s face it, a comfortable bike for women can be difficult to find. You look all over town for something that won’t make your shoulders sore from leaning over and won’t give you a sore seat either. Cruise bikes for women might be what you want. Will they be perfect? Well, like most products, you see both the awesome ones and the real lemons.

There’s no bike that will suit all purposes. You’ll want to pick out one that fits your height, your comfort zone and your reasons for buying a bike. Cruise bikes are excellent for riding around town or taking a pleasure ride on a trail by the waterfront.

Sonoma Women’s Chainless Drive Evolution Sunset Beach Cruiser Bike
Combining modern innovative with a sleek retro design, the Sonoma chainless women’s Beach Cruiser will keep you looking good–and riding comfortably–whether you’re heading to the shore or running errands downtown. In addition to Sonoma’s exclusive chainless technology, the Beach Cruiser offers such features as a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame that’s easy to handle and transport, an ergonomically designed spring comfort saddle and fashionable bullhorn-style handlebars, a simplified three-speed shifting system, premium alloy V-brakes, and a coaster brake for additional safety.

Schwinn Prestige Women’s Cruiser Bike
The Prestige Women’s Cruiser Bike from Schwinn offers classic style for comfortable riding to and from the beach and around town. The Prestige is equipped with a seven-speed drivetrain and SRAM grip shifters to get you up and down hills with confidence. Meanwhile, the comfort suspension fork takes the jolt out of the road and the steel comfort frame allows you to maintain an upright riding position for reduced neck and shoulder strain. With alloy linear pull brakes, the bike is designed for a safe and reliable ride.

Susan G Komen Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike
The Susan G Komen Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike donates $10 for every one of these bikes sold to support breast cancer research. It has 26″ wheels, a coaster brake, and a cruiser comfort style.

2013 Most Wished For Cruiser Bikes For Women / Men
1: Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Mint Green, 26-Inch/Medium
2: Schwinn Windwood Women’s Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
3: Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle (26-Inch Wheels), Cream/Burgundy, 16-Inch
4: Huffy Men’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike, Gloss Navy Blue, 26-Inch/Medium
5: Airwalk 26-Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser Bicycle Huffy Women’s

Good Vibrations Bike
The Huffy Good Vibrations women’s cruiser is made for folks who want to enjoy the ride as much as the destination. Reminiscent of the classic bikes of the 1950s, the single-speed cruiser is a retro beauty. The Good Vibrations bike features a maroon-colored cruiser frame with beefy 26-inch whitewall cruiser tires, long steel fenders, upswept handlebars, and an extra-wide, double-spring seat. This simple combination of big tires, upright riding position, and cantilevered frame has been the stock and trade of cruiser bikes since the days of poodle skirts and tail fins. Use the Good Vibrations bike to cruise the campus, meander around the campsite, or ride to the store to pick up a gallon of milk. The design concludes with old-fashioned rear coaster brakes (they’re controlled through the foot pedals, in case you don’t remember). The Huffy Good Vibrations women’s cruiser is recommended for ages 12 to adult. Huffy, which made its first bike–the Davis Sewing Machine bicycle–in 1892, is so confident in the Good Vibrations that it offers a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on its steel frame.

Nirve Wispy Women’s Cruiser Bike
Built for comfortable around-town road and trail cruising, the Wispy Bike from Nirve features a unique Nirve Galaxie frame with Nirve Kandy ergonomic handlebars for an easy, upright riding position. Available with a choice of one or three-speed gearing, the Wispy offers a front hand brake and a rear coaster brake for confident stopping power. The 26-inch Pinwheels flower tread tires roll well on paved and dirt surfaces and the Nirve Classic saddle, grips, and full-length fenders deliver on style and comfort.

Kettler Women’s Verso Capri Cruiser Bike
Whether you’re moseying along the boardwalk or taking a relaxed ride to the grocery store, the Kettler Verso Capri women’s cruiser bike is an ideal choice. The Verso Capri is equipped with a high-strength 15-inch aluminum frame with retro styling, along with swept-back cruiser-style handlebars and an extra-wide padded saddle. The cruiser features let you pedal effortlessly in an ergonomically superior upright position–a must for casual rides on a sunny day. The bike also includes a front basket that’s large enough to carry everything from produce to picnic lunches. And riders will love the clear-coated front and rear fenders and heavy-duty 2.12-inch whitewall tires, which complete the retro cruiser look. Other features include dual-sided pedals, a three-piece chrome-plated crank set, a sturdy chromoly rigid fork, resilient alloy rims with stainless-steel spokes, a quick-release seat post clamp, a shatterproof chain guard, and a center-mounted, rust-resistant kickstand. More at Women Beach Cruiser Bike Reviews – 2013 Best Ladies Bicycles

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Hybrid Bikes

The Best Hybrid Bikes

“Reviewing the best Hybrid Bikes. Thinking of buying one? Then read on!”

The hybrid bike is the best of two worlds. Hybrids take the best characteristics from road bikes and combine them with the best characteristics of a mountain bike. A hybrid is a great choice for the cyclist who wants a bike as a viable means of transportation but still wants the flexibility of being able to hit a rail-trail or bike path.

If you want a budget-friendly introduction to the world of cycling, hybrids are definitely the place to start. They’re very versatile but they aren’t built to take rough mountain terrain and they won’t be a bike for a race. They will, however, allow you to zip through traffic to work, bring home groceries, and offer you a great ride on a bike path if you need an escape from the daily routine.

Not all hybrids will give you the same performance and quality. Decide how you want to use the bike and then look at the bikes that we’ve compiled for these lists to see which fits your style and budget. Whenever possible, test ride before you buy and get a personal fit.

Best Hybrid Bikes Overall:
A hybrid bike blends the best of both worlds with qualities from a mountain bike and qualities from a road bike, giving you the ability to ride on and off road without having to change bikes. This category of bike is intended for someone that wants to use the bike for fitness, recreation, or commuting to work. They aren’t built for mountain trails or racing. They are some of the most versatile bikes on the market, some models lean in one direction more than the other making them better for rail-trails or better on the road. Hybrid bikes are generally more comfortable with a more upright riding position.

Not all hybrids will give you the same ride or performance so it is important to decide how you want to use the bike before you buy it. Not all hybrids are designed to handle racks and fenders, some have fork suspension while others don’t and still are better than others on rail-trails.

Hybrids can be found with internal gearing, belt driven, disc brakes, caliper brakes, and various size wheel sets. You can find models that allow customization so you can create the bike of your dreams. The variety of hybrids on the market is nearly endless so whenever the option is available take them out for a ride before you buy.

The bikes on this list were chosen as the best all-around hybrids. They have the best features for the money. They are some of the most versatile and give you a solid base for your fist hybrid. You may find yourself spending more time outdoors and on the bike with one of these options.

Specialized Source Two SE Limited Hybrid Bike
Two bikes for the price of one, that is what you get with the Source Two SE from Specialized. This is not only a great bike with some awesome features but when you buy this bike, Specialized will donate a bike to World Bicycle Relief. You get a sweet looking bike at a decent price, that will take you to work, the store, on road or off.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

Scott SUB 10 Hybrid Bike
If you are looking for a bike that is low maintenance, no chain to grease, and fun to ride, take a look at the Scott SUB 10. The performance of this bike will rival most anything in the hybrid market. The style and flashy color will get you noticed on and off the trail.

Cannondale Quick CX1 Hybrid Bike
The Cannondale Quick CX1 is comfortable on your urban commute and trail-ready when you want to get out and enjoy the scenery. This is a solid choice if you want to spend weekends riding a more challenging trail that doesn’t need a mountain bike and come Monday morning you want to head to the office on your alternative transportation.

Surly Ogre Hybrid Bike
The only thing about the Surly Ogre that hints to an Ogre is the great green color. This bike is the most customizable hybrid on the list. If you want the ability to upgrade, make tweaks over time, and have a bike that will last, the Surly Ogre is a bike to look at.

GT Transeo 1.0 Hybrid Bike
When you head out for your next adventure on and off road, check out the GT Transeo 1.0 or one of the other bikes in the GT Transeo series. The 1.0 is a solid bike for the money and worth adding to your list for a test ride.

Best Budget Hybrid Bikes:
If you have always been a big box store shopper and now you want a better quality bike on a budget, don’t discount your local bike shop. Generally speaking, hybrid bikes tend to be less expensive than some other categories of bicycles. As with all styles of bikes, there are bikes to fit most any budget, hybrids are no exception. Not all bikes are created equal, not all bikes from the department store should be avoided but a specialty bike shop can offer things you won’t get at the department store.

A bike shop will help you determine which bike is best for you. They will help you get the proper fit. Most department store bikes are made from cheaper materials with cheap components and are put together by someone that knows nothing about bikes. Riding a bike that is heavy, uncomfortable, and cheaply made will make your time as a cyclist very short lived.

If you are on a tight budget, a hybrid bike is the most budget friendly category of bicycles and a great place to start. You won’t feel like you need a bank loan to own a great bike from a local bike shop.

The bikes on this list give you a great place to start looking for a budget friendly hybrid. They were chosen for their all-around versatility, the quality of the components for the money you spend, and the comfort of the ride. It is always a good idea to test ride any bike you may be considering for your next ride.

GT Transeo 4.0 Hybrid Bike
The GT Transeo 4.0 is a strong, durable hybrid that is ready to roll just the way it is or add a few nice options to give you more of what you want. This bike is budget friendly, fun to ride and versatile.

Specialized Crossroads Sport Hybrid Bike
If you are looking for a hybrid that has clean lines, is comfortable, fun to ride, and won’t break the bank, take a look at the Specialized Crossroads Sport. This bike will give you a great entry level hybrid that is practical, versatile and easy on the wallet.

Trek Verve 1 Hybrid Bike
The Trek Verve 1 is the most budget friendly bike in the Verve series. Don’t let the lower price point fool you, this is a solid bike and a great value. If you are looking for your first bike to use as alternative transportation, be sure you check add this one to your list.

Fuji Traverse 1.5 Step Over Hybrid Bike
The Fuji Traverse 1.5 Step Over is the bike for anyone looking for greater top tube clearance, step over capability. This bike is nicely equipped and ready to roll. If you are pinching pennies but still want a versatile bike for commuting and hitting the bike path, take this Fuji for a ride.

Marin San Rafael DS1 Hybrid Bike
If you want a bike that gives you a good solid ride at a great price, take a look at the Marin San Rafael. This bike has simple, clean lines and a solid drive-train. It is not equipped with racks or fenders so if you are looking for a bike that can carry your gear and keep you clean, you may want to look at a different option. The San Rafael will take you from the street to bike path with ease.

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Women's Road Bike

Women’s Road Bike: The Best Bikes for Every Budget

“Choosing the best women’s road bike can be tricky especially if you’re in a budget. Let us help you with our review below. Read it now!”

Women’s Road Bike: Many manufacturers offer road bikes in women-specific designs. Women tend to have shorter torsos and narrower shoulders than men, and women’s road bikes take this into account. These are usually outfitted with female-specific saddles and smaller handlebars, in addition to brakes or shifters designed for a woman’s smaller hands. It’s worthwhile to visit a bike shop to try out some women-specific designs (WSD), but many women ride unisex road bikes with no complaints.

Women's Road Bike

Women’s Road Bike

If you’re shopping on a budget, the Fuji Finest 2.0 (*Est. $1,000) offers beginner-friendly performance without breaking the bank. The aluminum-framed bike has a carbon fork, triple crankset, Shimano Sora components and Formula alloy wheels, and is available in five sizes. Like most Fuji bikes, the Fuji Finest 2.0 road bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the frame and fork.

The U.K.’s Zest magazine recommends the Fuji Finest 2.0 for beginning riders who want a comfortable bike that won’t be out of place at casual races. It’s also a good choice for commuting. “Fast yet comfy, this is ideal if you’re new to road cycling or racing,” the editors write. Cycling Active tests the Fuji Finest 1.0 (*Est. $1,200) , which has higher-quality Shimano Tiagra and 105 components. Editors recommend spending the extra money to upgrade to the Finest 1.0 over the 2.0, even if just for the Tiagra shifters alone: Compared to the Shimano Sora components on the Finest 2.0, the Tiagra shifters provide much smoother shifting performance. Although the bike isn’t lightweight, testers say the ride is anything but sluggish. “It has a sprightly, brisk feel, and both wheels and tyres are skinny, lightweight numbers, keeping the Finest feeling light-footed despite its overall mass,” says Cycling Active. However, editors aren’t a big fan of the pastel color scheme, which is a little too “traditionalist” for their tastes.

Budget shoppers should also look at Trek’s new Lexa series (*Est. $730 to $1,370) . These bikes were designed specifically for women, as opposed to merely making small changes to an existing unisex frame as is the case with some women’s road bikes. We haven’t seen many reviews for these new bikes, but Trek has received high marks for its women-specific bikes in the past. The few user reviews available are positive, and most owners say the Trek Lexa bikes are good for beginners and incredibly versatile, whether they’re used for fitness riding, commuting or casual racing. One owner complains about the shifters.

For riders who are ready to graduate to a more serious road bike, the Trek Madone 3.1 WSD (*Est. $2,090) offers a carbon frame and Shimano 105 components. Six female-specific frame sizes are available, and the bike comes with a SRAM Apex compact crank, Tektro R540 brakes with adjustable-reach levers, alloy hubs and Bontrager R1 tires. Trek frames have a limited lifetime warranty.

Women’s Adventure Magazine says the Trek Madone 3.1 WSD is a longtime favorite of their gear-testers, who love the versatile ride and precise handling. “The 3.1 WSD feels like a performance racer in terms of handling, feels like a touring bike in terms of comfort, and maintains the Madone’s reputation for fast-reacting power transfer with its stiff bottom bracket,” the editors write. Cycling Plus magazine also says the Trek Madone 3.1 WSD is “an excellent choice for serious lady riders.”

For racers and dedicated cyclists, reviews point to the Cannondale SuperSix Women’s 3 Ultegra (*Est. $3,200) , our Best Reviewed pick for a women’s bike. This race bike has a full-carbon frame available in four sizes, Shimano Ultegra components, Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels and Schwalbe Durano S tires. The bike is also available with Shimano Dura-Ace (*Est. $4,800) or Shimano Dura-Ace 105 (*Est. $2,150) components.

Both Bicycling and Women’s Adventure Magazine recommend the Cannondale SuperSix Women’s 3 Ultegra for serious riders and racers. The stiff frame is responsive under pedaling, testers say, translating into precise handling in corners and at high speeds. “This carbon frame transfers every watt of your energy into forward-pushing power,” says Women’s Adventure Magazine. Bicycling, which gives the Cannondale SuperSix Women’s 3 Ultegra an Editors’ Choice award, says the bike has plenty of speed but doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Cycling Weekly tests the Cannondale SuperSix 3 Ultegra unisex version and gives it a positive review overall, but editors say serious racers will want to upgrade to lighter, more rigid wheels. “The Ksyrium Equipes on both the Felt and Cannondale really held the bikes back,” the editors write.

Women should also consider the female-specific version of the top-rated road bike, the Giant Defy Advanced 1. The female model, the Giant Avail Advanced 1 (*Est. $3,200) , earns an Editors’ Choice award from Bicycling magazine. Three sizes are available and the carbon frame is outfitted with Shimano Ultegra components, DT Swiss R1800 wheels, Michelin Pro Optimum tires and a female-specific handlebar.

The Giant Avail Advanced 1 has won an Editors’ Choice award from Bicycling magazine for the last three years. Editors say it provides a more comfortable upright ride than many bikes in this price range yet still offers plenty of power and climbing prowess. “Despite upright geometry, the bike felt speedy and climbed well,” they write.

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