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Top 3 Triathlon Bike Tips You Need to Know and Remember

“There are 3 triathlon bike tips that can help to minimise the effect of cycling on your running and reduce your bike time. Find out what they are below!”

Triathlon bike tips you’d find useful.  It’s good to know that the bike section of a triathlon is the longest part and therefore the easiest to knock time off. However, this doesn’t have to mean riding more and more miles.  Good bike skills can help you reduce your bike time by minutes.

Top 3 triathlon bike tips you’d find useful: triathlon bike tips

1. First in the list of triathlon bike tips is that when cornering, make sure your weight is on the outside foot (the leg that is the down position) for better balance. Look where you are planning to exit. Try not to brake on the corner, brake before it. Use your drop handle bar position rather than the hoods for greater control of the bike.

2. When descending, make sure your weight is centred over the bike for a safer descent. Always look where you are going and not at the floor. Feather the brakes instead of slamming them on. This means to gently squeeze them in 2-3 second pulses. As with cornering, ride in your drop handle bar position.

3. Last triathlon of the triathlon bike tips I can give is that electing the right gears is important if it’s an undulating course. It is always best to change gear early rather than leave it too late. Shift the gears in anticipation of the climb, not once you’ve already started the climb. Keep pedalling while you change gears so that you maintain momentum. The aim is to keep your effort as constant as possible.

As always the more practice you do, the more confident and skilful you will be…. More at Castle Triathlon Training Tips : Bike skills to save you precious time

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