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Schwinn Folding Bikes: Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike Review

By Mike Rich

“Is Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike one of the best bikes in the market today? Read this Schwinn Folding Bikes review now to find out!” If you pay attention on the marketplace, you may find out many types of vehicle which you can buy to fulfill your necessity in gaining better mobility. Yet, you may notice […]


Your Questions About Percentage Of Commuters Who Bike To Work

By Mike Rich

Nancy asks… what citys have the most bike commuters? wondering what percentage of people in different cities bike as their main mode of transportation. i live in minneapolis, and i know we have been ranked in the top 5 in some studies. also if you live in an really bike friendly city could you tell […]


The Best Hybrid Bikes

By Mike Rich

“Reviewing the best Hybrid Bikes. Thinking of buying one? Then read on!” The hybrid bike is the best of two worlds. Hybrids take the best characteristics from road bikes and combine them with the best characteristics of a mountain bike. A hybrid is a great choice for the cyclist who wants a bike as a […]

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