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Triathlon Bikes for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

By Mike Rich

“A triathlon bikes for beginners article to guide you on your purchase. Read more now!” The biggest purchase you’ll make for triathlon is also the one that can make the most difference to your race finish time and, more importantly, your experience. Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike The big question facing every triathlete when choosing […]


Schwinn Mountain Bikes Review

By Mike Rich

“Schwinn Mountain Bikes are popular among Triathletes. Read this review and decide for yourself if this is also the bike for you!” What To Look For Schwinn bicycles have attempted to enter the mountain bike market since the late 1980s without much success. The company has gone through multiple ownerships and bankruptcy, and never really […]


How to Choose Cheap Road Bikes

By Mike Rich

“How do you really look for the best cheap bikes? What are the things you need to consider? Read on and find out!” WHAT TO LOOK FOR Cheap road bikes can be found with different frame materials. Steel is the cheapest frame material, but aluminum offers a lighter frame. Consider your riding goals and habits. […]

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