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Triathlon Bike

Big Decision: Triathlon Bikes or Road Bikes?

“Triathlon bikes or road bikes? What are the pros and cons? Find out below!”

Before you even ask the road bike vs. tri bike question, you should have a couple sprint triathlons or duathlons under your belt. For your first couple go-rounds, use whatever you have available to you. Ride your kid’s BMX, borrow a bike, buy a $20 garage sale bike. Whatever it takes. You’re probably not going to win anyway, so you might as well try it out and see if it’s going to be something you’re going to enjoy.

When you make it to this point, it might then be the time to ask the question: tri bike or road bike?

triathlon bike

What type of bike should you buy?

There’s not one fit-all answer here. Every individual is different. The first thing to consider is: What are you trying to accomplish? Do you plan to compete and/or train for triathlons on a continuing basis? Have you been bitten by the bug, or are you still just getting your feet wet? Are you primarily riding in an effort to train for multisport events, or do you plan to ride on a regular basis with your non-triathlete friends?

We’ll get back to the above questions. First let’s take a quick look at standard road geometry and tri bike geometry.

Road bikes
Road bikes are made to handle well in a wide variety of circumstances including climbing, cornering, or riding in packs of other riders where space is tight. The seat tube angle is generally 73 degrees and the rider’s position is often upright. The hands are positioned on top of the hoods to allow for easy shifting and braking. This position allows for maximum power transfer when pedaling, especially climbing, and quick response time when in a pack of riders.

Tri-specific bikes
Triathlon bikes also handle well but in a different way. Tri bikes are made to go fast while utilizing rider energy efficiently and even conserving energy to some extent (remember – the bike is only 1/3 of the race). In order to accomplish this, tri bike geometry has a steeper seat tube angle, usually 76-78 degrees. The head tube angle is usually a little less aggressive, the top tube is slightly shorter, and often the front end slopes. The chain stay is also often one centimeter or so shorter. This geometry allows the rider’s hips to remain open while riding in the aero position.

Attaining and holding an aero position on a tri-specific bike vs. road bike with clip-on aerobars should be significantly more comfortable, especially for longer periods of time. The forward position requires more energy from the hamstrings when pedaling. Hopefully this will conserve some energy for the quadriceps when the bike leg is over and it’s time to run. We also can’t overlook the aerodynamic benefits of an efficient aero position.

So road bike or triathlon bikes?
There’s definitely a difference between a road bike and tri bike. Will the differences benefit your riding style and ability? Some people can read and relate to the differences between the two geometries and understand how the differences might affect their own riding / training immediately. It might not be so clear for others. It is always a good idea to meet with a certified tri bike fitter and have them evaluate you in person.

For most of us, if you’ve been bitten by the tri bug and you plan on training and doing triathlons and multisport events, get a tri bike. If you found that you really liked duck hunting, would you go buy a BB gun so you could target practice with your friends that like to do that on occasion?

For your question specifically, I would say consider the above points, evaluate your future goals, and definitely meet with a certified tri bike fitter and get evaluated. Would a steeper seat tube angle be advantageous? Probably. Remember, you still have to get off the bike and run with that 250 lbs. Any energy savings that your quads take advantage of during the bike will benefit you in the run. There’s one in favor of the tri bike.

If you were just getting into triathlons and already have a road bike, then sure, by all means throw on a clip-on and go to town. But if you are buying a bike to train for triathlons specifically and that’s what you enjoy, why even consider a road bike? You answered your own question. Train with what you are going to race with. Ideally…cross train. Don’t trade in that old road bike. Save it…as a road bike. No clip-ons. It’s not worth much. It’s worth more to you as a bike to cross train on, ride with friends and as a spare. More at Triathlon Bikes vs. Road Bikes

This video about Road Bike vs. Triathlon Bikes could help you make your decision too:

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Mountain Bikes for Sale Online

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes: Online or Local Bike Shop?

“Do you know where to buy mountain bikes? Should you buy mountain bikes online or should you go to your local bike shop? Read more about Mountain Bikes for sale and find out!”

A common question and both methods have their advantages. Let’s examine them here.

Mountain Bikes for Sale Online

Mountain Bikes for Sale Online

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes? Your Local Bike Shop


The best thing about buying a bike at your local bike shop is the service. This is 2 fold, both the service at sale time and after sales service.  If you are unsure about something or feel as though you need advice, your local bike shop can help you out and give you their opinion.


That said, in my experience some shops will tell you what you want to hear in order to push the sale – this is definitely not in your best interest. The main disadvantage of bike shops is choice. Many bike shops will either only stock 3 or 4 brands OR stock many brands but have a limited range of bikes available for each brand. If you take the time to properly research your bike purchase and find the bike that you want, chances are it won’t be available at any of your local shops.

Free Service?

We then come to after sales service. Most bike shops will give you a free 2 month service (or thereabouts) for your new bike. This service is necessary to tighten up cables that have stretched with their first use and ensure your bike is working as it should. Whilst this is a great service, any bike shop will happily take the bike you purchased somewhere else and for a small fee service it for you.

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes? Buy Mountain Bikes for Sale Online


The biggest advantage of buying a mountain bike online is the choice. I can guarantee you will be able to find the bike you want (if it is less than 2 years old) somewhere online.


As I mentioned earlier, no bike shop is going to turn you away if you try to take your bike in for a service – no matter where you bought it (unless of course they are too busy). Not only that but follow some of these maintenance tips and you can perform your own bike service.


Another big advantage of buying mountain bikes online is the convenience. Order it from home (or work) and get it shipped straight to your door! You can’t get much better than that.


Most online bike shops don’t have to cover overhead costs like rent and utilities so they can offer you a bigger range of bikes at a cheaper price.

Check out this video on mountain bikes for sale online:

What should you watch out for?

If you don’t go with one of the companies I listed below and decide on a different online bike shop then beware. The two main things to be careful of is postage and refunds/warranties.


Make sure your bike can be posted to your country and see how much it will cost. This can sometimes add a significant cost to your purchase.


Also check out the companies refund policy and warranty policy. They should offer you a no questions ask refund or replacement should you not be happy with the bike. Not only this, but if the error is theirs (like wrong product or damaged) they should pick up the return cost for you. If the return is because of you (you got the wrong size or similar) then it is almost certain you will have to pay for the cost to return the bike to them.

Where to buy mountain bikes online?

There are some very dodgy sites around so be careful. I have had some experience with a number of different online bike shops and have found the sites listed below to be particularly good to buy mountain bikes online. All ship internationally and all of them have good refund and warranty policies. More at Buy Mountain Bikes Online or at Your Local Bike Shop – Do you know where to buy mountain bikes?

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BMX Bikes for Sale

Want Cheap BMX Bikes? They Can Be Acquired Online!

“Looking for BMX Bikes for sale? Cheap BMX Bikes can be acquired online… Read more about it below!”

Looking for BMX Bikes for sale for your Triathlon training or your next Triathlon race? People that get entangled with the game of BMX Bikes for Sale move through this frequently. one in all the best buys you’ve got before you begin the sport is without doubt a bicycle. people sometimes look everyplace to undertake to induce low-cost BMX bikes.

BMX Bikes for Sale

BMX Bikes for Sale

Low-cost bicycles (one of the many Triathlon gear) are often found in many spots, however, there’s one place you will look primarily for the simplest costs. That one place is on the web. like another businesses there area unit lots of niche net stores which will have low-cost BMX bikes/bicycles out there. By low-cost we tend to don’t indicate caliber, we tend to simply imply that for many factors their costs area unit simply less.

With the high demand of BMX bikes, people look everyplace of low cost bikes. With this in mind, some providers come up with better features yet lower price from time to time.

Check out this video for more ideas on BMX Bikes For Sale:

Though it is easy to find these bikes in many spots, the best place to find them is from the internet. However, it is important to check the features and testimony about the product before really buying it. Also, bear in mind that getting BMX bikes for sale doesn’t mean getting low quality one. More at Cheap BMX Bikes Are Acquired Online

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