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Triathlon Checklist: Must Have on Race Day

“Do you have all your gears ready for your big race? Check out this Triathlon Checklist and find out!”

Triathlon Checklist

Triathlon Gear Checklist

Ensure you are prepared with all your race gear. Add  these ones on your list now!


  • Watch or heart rate monitor and band
  • Energy bars, gels and fluids
  • Sunscreen
  • Talcum powder (for shoes)
  • Vaseline (to prevent chaffing)
  • Race belt (if wearing a race number)
  • Race kit (swim cap, stickers, wrist and timing band)
  • Spare pair of shoes – remember you will learn your race ones in transition


  • Swim suit or tri suit
  • Wetsuit
  • Plastic bags (to help put wetsuit on)
  • Goggles x 2 (or spare strap/nose piece)
  • Ear and nose plugs if required
  • Swim cap (part of your race kit)
  • Body Glide, baby oil or Vaseline (to help remove wetsuit)
  • Transition towel (brightly colored)


  • Bike and helmet (Entry will be refused if not of an appropriate standard)
  • Bike shoes or runners
  • Socks (if required)
  • Sunglasses
  • Track pump (or check tire pressure beforehand)
  • Tool bag with spare tubes and repair tools
  • Water bottles x 2
  • Race wheels (if you are a speed demon!)
  • Electrical tape (to fasten gels and repair kit to your bike)
  • Bike computer


  • Running shoes with elastic laces
  • Socks (if required)
  • Hat (to keep sun off and to keep wet/cool)
  • Sunglasses (second clean pair if required)


  •  Clothing (dry, warm clothing for post race recovery)
  • Recovery nutrition

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