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Triathlon Bikes for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

By Mike Rich

“A triathlon bikes for beginners article to guide you on your purchase. Read more now!” The biggest purchase you’ll make for triathlon is also the one that can make the most difference to your race finish time and, more importantly, your experience. Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike The big question facing every triathlete when choosing […]


Choosing the Right Running Shoes

By Mike Rich

“Running Shoes? We’ll discuss how to narrow down your traditional running shoe choices. Read now!” While most running shoes feel comfortable when you’re standing in a sports store, the true test is after several miles on the trail or asphalt. You’ll quickly realize that your perfect shoe has more to do with the shape of your […]


Your Questions About Best Wetsuit For Weak Swimmers

By Mike Rich

Ruth asks… Why are the olympic uniforms in swimsuits, trunks and gymnastic gear so revealing? I know that some of the swimsuits are high for mobililty in the water and also includes the gymnastic uniforms, but why do they have to be that way? You can literally see a person’s butt almost hanging out of […]

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