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Your Questions About Triathlon Workouts

Mary asks…

Would like to be a vegetarian, need about 70g of protein since I do triathlons, need help transitioning over..

Admittedly I DO like some cheeses, and keeping the eggs are debatable at this time.
I just need to make sure I get the recommended amount of protein to ensure my body doesn’t suffer, or lack with the workouts.

And good places for simple, sometimes quick recipes.
I’m also a single parent, and my schedule can sometimes be too long.

Mike Rich answers:

Protein is in everything that isn’t junk food. If you don’t already, I recommend that you start reading the nutrition facts on everything and look up anything without labeled packaging.
You may learn that protein can add up with nearly everything that you eat, even if some things contribute only a small amount. 70 grams does not sound high at all and could easily be reached on a veg diet.
If you still consume dairy, it will contribute a significant amount to your diet, but is not all necessary to meet your goals with ease.


If you want to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian, the transition should be quite simple. Almost all meats have widely available commercial replacements. All that you have to do is replace any flesh in your diet (beef, pork, poultry, seafood) with meat analogs or just leave it out altogether.

You should keep in mind that a journey such as this can be quite short but should just be the beginning of a longer one to a plant-based diet with no animal products. This is because of the reality of factory farming in which animals that are kept alive to produce milk, eggs, etc suffer much more and longer than animals that are raised to a certain weight and then slaughtered.http://www.veganoutreach.org/whyvegan/
Some people use the word “vegan” in reference to this idea, but be aware that applying that label to yourself should always come with the inclusion of wise activism and advocacy.http://www.veganoutreach.org/advocacy/index.html
Two extremely important examples of this are that you should never speak to someone about vegetarianism/veganism without their consent and genuine interest or as a comment on what they are eating AND your dietary beliefs should never be used as an introduction or explanation of who you are as a person. Veg*ism should be something that comes up AFTER people get to know you and they offer you a situation that makes it confusing to withhold the information/discussion. Also, if you are presented something that you choose not to eat or you are
ordering food/eating together somewhere/picking the best place to eat.

A responsible vegan ALWAYS studies the subject of their own health and how to keep their body completely provided for in every sense. Http://www.veganhealth.org/sh
To neglect their body is to define a plant-based diet as unhealthy and is the opposite of helping the animals.

When you you hold off on the subject until it’s necessary and then act like it isn’t a big deal at all, people are usually surprised and WAY more interested and curious than if you were to bring it up when someone’s eating or just using it as a conversation starter.

Just to clear things up, the vegetarian/vegan diet is not composed of salads, vegetables, fruit and fake meat.
A balanced plant-based diet includes grains(breads, pasta, rice,cereal), legumes(soy, beans, peas, lentils), fruit and vegetables.
Being vegan can be an art, one whose challenge is to take things that involve the suffering of the innocent and change them into something free of cruelty.

A vegan woman can create an ENTIRELY NEW,HEALTHY HUMAN BEING INSIDE OF HER. Many of these children stay vegan and grow up to be perfectly healthy adults. So just keep yourself educated about what you eat and don’t let anyone tell you that a veg diet is lacking anything essential.

Technically the term “vegetarian” does imply that you don’t consume anything that comes from the body of an animal that requires killing it. Many ingredients such as gelatin and glycerin are found in many candies, Fig-Newtons, and many of other foods as well as rennet found in many cheeses.
The best thing to remember is to take your time so that for example: when you are comfortable not eating beef and pork you can then give up chicken when you are sure you can make the commitment permanently.
Depending on your age or reliance on parents or regional options, it may not be best to give yourself a label. The important thing is to do your best to make progress and be committed to your compassion towards animals. Never put your focus onto what you or other people use to describe yourself.

If you meet someone that talks down to people for eating meat, dairy, etc or to you because they think they are “more veg” than you, laugh in their face and tell them they are a disgrace to the entire philosophy. People like this only hurt the idea of veg*ism AND the animals. The point of all of this is to live compassionately and and as free from cruelty as you can, all the while maintaining your health and a positive attitude. People who don’t maintain either, need not open their mouths and represent our beliefs.

If you actually choose to read all of this, I hope it helps. If not, feel free to e-mail me if you have questions.


I’m vegan and these are some of my favorite things to eat:

Breakfast: bananas, cream of wheat with brown sugar and soy butter, cereal, pancakes or french toast with real maple syrup, vegan “sausage” patties, smoothies.

Lunch: VEGAN “SAUSAGE” SANDWICHES, sandwiches with vegan deli slices(Tofurkey is the only one that’s kinda funky), fruit, dinner leftovers, couscous salad, vegan sushi, potato or pasta salad.

Dinner: sloppy joes, “sausage” and gravy with homemade biscuits, Spaghetti and Trader Joe’s “meatballs” or TVP, lasagna, Thai pad see ew, pad khi mao(drunkard’s noodles), pad prig king, tofu+eggplant with basil sauce, yellow thai curry with tofu or vegan chikn and veggies and jasmine rice, Indian dal with homemade roti or dosai, channa masala, aloo gobi, vegetable or minestrone soup, pizza, STEAMED “PORK” BUNS with potstickers or spring rolls, sweet&sour/orange/lemon chikn, vegan pho or wonton soup

I use these sites to find recipes:

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Schwinn Women's Lakeshore Bicycle

Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle

“Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle is a highly recommended bike. Why? Read on to find out!”

Schwinn Women's Lakeshore Bicycle

Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike features a striking purple Schwinn cruiser frame with a large spring saddle and easy-reach handlebars on a cruiser stem. The SRAM Grip Shift is mated to a 7 speed Shimano TZ rear derailleur for effortless cruising. The Lakeshore comes with a Back Storage Rack and rust-proof alloy linear pull brakes. The Lakeshore is comfortable on most terrains, thanks to the sturdy 36 hole alloy rims.


Product Features and Specifications

Women’s cruiser bike
Steel Schwinn Women’s Cruiser Frame
Easy-reach handlebars with alloy cruiser stem for comfortable riding position
SRAM Grip Shift shifter
Shimano 7 speed drivetrain
Rust-proof alloy linear pull brakes
Back Storage Rack
All-terrain alloy rims

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike has received many favorable reviews at Amazon.com and is currently rated 3.6/5 stars.

The Negative Reviews

The Schwinn Lakeshore has had a few negative reviews. Some of these are particularly worth noting if you’re a prospective buyer.

The initial assembly seems to be a major problem for many new buyers. The accompanying instructions are quite vague and not specific to the bike. A set of Allen wrenches will go a long way if you plan on putting it together by yourself. Otherwise, off to the neighborhood bike shop for some paid assistance.

The fenders and light duty rear-rack are not made of high quality metal like the rest of the frame.

Many users have reported that the tires blew on inflating for the first time. Nothing a quick trip to the repair shop won’t fix, though. Still, the cheap quality of the tires has forced some users to purchase better replacements, thus incurring additional costs.

The initial adjustment of the gears and brakes can be a little tricky for the novice.

The Positive Reviews

The Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike has garnered some praise as well, and most reviewers have given it a favorable rating.

The Lakeshore offers decent value for money. It is equipped with a 7 speed drivetrain, front and rear fenders and a rear storage rack, features normally found on more expensive bikes.

Most users have found the gears to be nicely spaced, the high gears giving good speed and the low gears good torque.

The cruiser-style handlebars and stem are fairly adjustable and the seat, quite comfortable.


Would we recommend the Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike to our readers?

Yes, and here’s why:

At its price, the Lakeshore is poised to be a bestseller. It has some great features like the 7 speed drive, front and rear fenders and a convenient rear storage rack. Yes, the reports of initial trouble are a bit of a downer, but this is a common problem with shipped bikes and nothing a couple of hours with some wrenches won’t fix. The people at Amazon are always prompt in sending broken or missing parts. Overall, the Schwinn Lakeshore 26” Women’s Bike offers good value and is a bike we would recommend. More at Schwinn Lakeshore 26 Women’s Bike Reviews

More review Schwinn Women’s Lakeshore Bicycle in this video:

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Your Questions About Olympic Triathlons

Thomas asks…

last week before olympic triathlon nutrition tips?

I have an olympic distance triathlon next weekend – Saturday – what nutritional tips for the next 5-6 days can you give?

Mike Rich answers:

Don’t do anything different that what you’ve been doing up to now. This isn’t the time to learn what doesn’t work.

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