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Pacific Stratus Men's Mountain Bike

Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike

“A short but informative review of Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike. Read it now!”

Pacific Stratus Men's Mountain Bike

Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike

Pacific Cycle is one of the country’s major manufacturers of inexpensive bicycles, and their Pacific Stratus men’s 26-inch mountain bike is a good beginner’s mountain bike for the price. This bicycle is equipped with steel mountain frame geometry, front and rear steel caliper brakes, and Torque drive 15-gear thumb shifters to help you change gears quickly while you keep moving. The bike also includes a mountain handlebar and stem, a one-piece MTB crank, and steel wheels.

Features: 1-piece MTB crank offers wide gear range
Brakes: Sure-stopping front and rear steel caliper brakes
Gears: Torque Drive 15-gear thumb shifters
Frame: 26-inch mountain bike with steel mountain frame

PROS – The general consensus from users is that the Pacific Stratus mountain bike is a good product for its price. The steel frame is sturdy, it’s easy to assemble, it offers a smooth ride, and it’s a great-looking bike. At a price of a little over $100, it’s also much cheaper than most other mountain bikes. It would be ideal for someone who can’t afford to buy a more state-of-the-art mountain bike but who wants something good for shorter, smoother rides. All of this makes it ideal for someone looking to start biking for exercise.

CONS – Unfortunately, there are downsides to buying such an inexpensive bicycle. While it is easy enough to assemble, some buyers might be turned off by the fact that any assembly is required at all. It’s also a bit heavier than other mountain bikes. The steel frame may contribute a lot to its sturdiness, but the weight that it adds may be a problem for hilly rides or bicyclists who are used to lighter models. Some have also complained that the gears are made of plastic and can break easily. The biggest complaint however has to be the poor-quality of the tires. They allegedly pop way too easily.

Fortunately, bicycle tires are inexpensive enough, so it may be worth it to order another pair with the bike. Despite its shortcomings, the Pacific Stratus men’s mountain bike is a good buy for amateur or beginner bicyclists or those looking for a cheap bike for exercise. Like most merchandise of any quality, you get what you pay for. If you want a durable mountain bike for a low price, you really can’t do much better than this one. More at Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike Review

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Your Questions About Sprint Triathlons

Robert asks…

I have entered another triathlon but need help on the swimming?

So my question is ” How do I get my breathing right while I am swimming?” I have had trouble with this in the past. I see others swimming and it seems like they are not having as much trouble as I am. Please help. Any suggestions?

Mike Rich answers:

The most common breathing method is breathing every 3 strokes. And make sure you breath to the side, not ahead of you. Picking your head up to breath gives you a good mouthful of water. Biggest thing is knowing how to pace yourself. Dont start off real fast like some of the other swimmers do, find a happy medium and sprint at the end.

I’ve done a triathalon relay recently and its quite difficult to swim in open water. Just watch for others, kind of veer away from the pack a little if possible and basically swim by yourself to avoid getting kicked and water splashed at you. Also pay attention to wind direction and which way the waves are blowing. If the waves are coming at you from your left side, make sure you always breath on your right to avoid taking in water. That will contradict the 3 strokes that i told you to take earlier, but the fix to that is breathing every 4 instead.

Good luck i hope this helps! =)

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Your Questions About Team In Training For Triathlons

Laura asks…

Should I buy a nice hybrid or a cheap road bike for fun triathlons?

I am SO frustrated with bike shopping I have already increased my budget WAY over what I would have ever thought I’d spend on a bike (like 4-500 bucks) and yet I still can’t really find anything.

So should I stop focusing on road bikes and find a good hybrid or should I just buy a cheaper (ha!) road bike.

I am training with a team so I need to be able to keep up with them on group rides

Mike Rich answers:

If you want to get somewhere fast on a bike you need a road bike. I remember your previous questions. So what was the problem with the Motobecane etc. You were looking at? They were priced < $400. Your short right? Is bike came with 650c wheels. Cauldron gave you a great answer when she stated that she is your size and liked that one bike and fully understood you issues.

Maybe your confusion stems from conflicting advice? You will get it here, it's the nature of 'too many cooks in the kitchen" I guess. I've helped purchase bikes for several of my confused friends. So I think I know how you feel. If you can say what your reservations are regarding the purchase of a < $400 road bike is maybe I can clear it up for you. For fun fast riding that doesn't demand race gear you will be happy with a couple you were looking at.

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