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Victory Vision Men's Road Bike

Victory Vision Men’s Road Bike

“What are the pros and cons of buying a Victory Vision Men’s Road Bike? Read them below now!”

Victory Vision Men's Road Bike

Victory Vision Men’s Road Bike

The Victory Vision Mens Road Bike is a 12 speed around town and commuting bike more than a serious road bike. It would even qualify as a good campus bike because its cost is low enough that if stolen you won’t feel the loss as much.

It sports a complete Shimano Drivetrain which is surprising as this bike can be found in nearly any store that ends in ‘Mart’. But that doesn’t make it a bad bike just because of its department store popularity.



Wheels and Tires

The Victory Vision Mens Road Bike has a 20 inch aluminum frame, with a stand over height of 29.5 inches. The bike is sturdy, but weighs in at 32 pounds, the price of sturdiness.
The frames paint is generally good.

The all Shimano drivetrain helps to offset the “sturdiness (weight)” of the bike, with good shifts especially in the rear.
Alloy components include the frame, drop bars style handle bars, hubs, front and rear calipers, double wall alloy rims and seat post.

Wheels and Tires
700c tires on Double Wall Alloy Rims. As with most bikes, at the assembly stage, its a good idea to check to ensure the holes have been properly deburred and that no loose metal is floating around from when the holes were drilled. And a upgrade of the rim tape is advisable as well to keep the tires from puncturing as easy.

Specifications of the Victory Vision Mens Road Bike
Bike type: Road
Frame size: 20 inches
Frame material: Aluminum
Weight: 32 pounds
Number of gears: 12
Shifter: Shimano
Rear derailleur: Shimano
Rims: Alloy
Tires: 700c
Front and rear brakes: Alloy caliper
Handle bars: Alloy drop bar
Seat post: Adjustable
Seat clamp: Alloy clamp with Allan head bolt adjustment
Pedals: Platform
Standover height: 29.5 inches


Price is still reasonable for a road bike.
Shimano drivetrain, shifter and rear derailleur.
Sturdy not lightweight, it’s a healthy 32 lbs, 10 pounds lighter than the Giordano Viaggio Tandem currently under review.

Handle Bars tend to loosen too easily and are difficult to tightened without a long allen wrench.
As with most Bikes in a Box, the Brakes are cheap and border on useless, a must upgrade at setup.
The manual is terrible, it’s designed for a multitude of bikes and the illustrations are incomplete. With this manual you’re pretty much on your own.
The manufacture advertising says “Comfortable Road Racing Saddle” this can be deemed “mis-advertising” as it’s far from comfortable. More at VICTORY VISION MENS ROAD BIKE REVIEW

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Your Questions About Colleges With Triathlon Programs

Daniel asks…

What are my chances of making it into Texas A&M?

Currently I am a high school Junior. I’m looking at this school because it is close to home and offers pretty good financial aid for my family, which is a big deciding factor.

As of the end of last semester, my weighted GPA is a 4.09, and my unweighted is a 3.39. I’m still yet to take the SAT (June 4th) and ACT sometime the beggining of my senior year. My highest PSAT score so far is a 161. By the end of senior year I will have taken 10 AP classes, and will have completed 5 years of French. I will have been on my Debate team for 3 years, and hopefully next year I will be the president. I was on the triathlon team Freshman year, but had to quit for financial purposes. I do various volunteer projects outside of school. I went to D.C. this past summer for a political science program and received a 3.6 GPA for 3 college credit hours in political science.

This is everything important that I can think of to share…

thank you! Any tips are more than welcome!

Mike Rich answers:

If you are in the top 25% of your class and get a 1300 (math and reading) SAT score or ACT of 30 you are in. Do well on the these test and you should get in and get extra aid. Rest of the stuff looks really good.

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Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

“People who are in the market for good road bikes for sale should consider Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike. Why? Read more now!”

Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

The Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike (700c Wheels) features a lightweight frame with an aluminium front triangle and carbon fiber on the rear triangle and front fork. The drivetrain is a Shimano 14-speed Sora with 7-speed Sora shifters. Promax caliper brakes provide good stopping power.

Product Specifications and Features
Lightweight aluminium front triangle
Carbon fiber rear triangle and front fork
14-speed Shimano Sora drivetrain with STI shifters
Dual pivot caliper brakes (Promax)
700c wheels
Weight (shipping): 31.5 pounds

The Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike (700c Wheels) has received favorable feedback at Amazon and is currently rated 3.9/5 stars.

The Negative Reviews

The Schwinn RS 5.0 is not without flaws and has had some negative reviews from old and current users. A few of these have been highlighted below for the benefit of the prospective buyer.

A few customers have reported problems with the bike’s packaging and shipping. In some instances, the tire tubes (front or rear) have been shipped pre-punctured, and required replacement. However, a majority of the customers have reported no such trouble.

The RS 5.0 may be difficult to assemble initially, especially if you’re new to assembling bikes. A few customers have complained that the instructions are very unclear and very few parts come pre-assembled. The shifter components, in particular, are troublesome to adjust precisely. Many users have suggested taking the bike to a mechanic instead of assembling it on your own.

The Positive Reviews

The Schwinn RS 5.0 has generally gone down well with most of its users. Some of its pros are particularly worth mentioning.

Most users have praised the RS 5.0 for its frame. The aluminium/carbon bits are lightweight yet strong. The RS 5.0 comes in two frame sizes: medium and large.

The carbon fiber on the rear triangle and front fork also makes the ride smoother than on a fully aluminium one. The shocks are better absorbed and even normal road vibration is greatly reduced.

Although the Schwinn RS 5.0 isn’t exactly cheap, most owners agree that the high quality of the ride and the parts used will give a customer good value for money. More at Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike Reviews

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