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Vilano Road Bike 21 Speed Review

By Mike Rich

“Short but must read review of Vilano Road Bike 21 Speed. Read it now!” Vilano drift is fairly inexpensive and comes with simple features. With this bike, you do not have to bother yourself with complicated gears. You just have to jump on it and give it a go. Vilano comes with a double butted aluminum […]


Your Questions About Sprint Triathlons

By Mike Rich

David asks… How much time is a really fast biking mile? I can bike 2 miles in just under 5 min. Is that good or bad? I’m taking part in a triathlon and I want to know how fast I should be aiming for…it’s at my high school though so I don’t know if there […]


The Best Cheap Road Bike

By Mike Rich

“What is the best cheap road bike around? Read on to find out!” Ready to test the waters of road biking, but not quite ready to commit to that $700 price tag that your local bike shop wants to charge? I totally understand. When I was a teenager, my brother and I shopped online for […]

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