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Triathlon Sprint

Triathlon Sprint: Training Hard

“Triathlon Sprint training can be really tricky but if you need to train hard then this one week sprint training plan is a must. Read more about it below!”

Triathlon Sprint


Just because it’s a short race doesn’t mean you have to take it easy when it comes to training for a sprint triathlon. Coach Lynne Fonda believes you can train hard, no matter the race distance.

The goal: Kick butt at a sprint-distance triathlon—place in your age group or possibly make the podium, increase strength and, most importantly, remain injury-free. See a sample of a one-week sprint training plan below.

Run 4 miles at tempo (athlete-specific speed). The run may include light intervals.

The tempo double includes a swim workout—approximately 2,400-2,600 yards total, utilizing warm-ups and drills—and a bike workout.

—Depending on the athlete, drills include:
—3 sets x 500-yards
—1 set x 750-yards
—100-yard recovery swims in between each set, this would equal roughly 6-8 sets x 100-yards on the 2-minute interval.
Cool down.

—Bike portion of the Tempo Double should be done at the opposite end of the day.
—Bike 20 miles at tempo pace.

Track workout
—1,600-yard warm-up, moderate pace
—Recovery run, 400 yards
—1,200-yard tempo run
—Recovery run, 400 yards
—2 sets x 800-yards
—Recovery run, 400 yards. Followed by a cool down.

Depending on the athlete, this might be a light 5-mile run, a 15-20-mile bike, or, if needed, Thursday can be an off day.

Recovery double
—Swim approximately 1,800-2,300 yards, with 3 sets x 100 yards for recovery at the end of the workout.
—Cool down.
—Bike or run workout, depending on the athlete’s needs.

For bike: 15-mile light spin.
For run: 3-4-mile easy run.

Brick workout
—Bike 20-25 miles; half of which includes a climb up to 7,100-7,500 feet of elevation.
—Run 3.7 miles with climbing.

Long swim workout
—Swim approx. 2,600 yards total.
—This should include various combinations of drills: timed 750-yard drill; timed 500-yard drill; 6 sets x 100-yards timed; and 5 sets x 50-yards timed and finally 4 sets x 25-yards timed. More at Train Hard For Your Next Sprint Triathlon

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