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The Complete Book of Triathlon Training

The Complete Book of Triathlon TrainingThe Complete Book of Triathlon Training is for all athletes who want to improve in or convert to the fascinating sport of triathlon. It shows among other things how to construct a training program, how to approach a competition and offers an Encyclopedia that covers all aspects of triathlon.

This book shows the triathlete and aspiring triathlete everything they need to know about triathlon, whether a sporting novice or an accomplished athlete in another sport. It tells you how to get started, what equipment to buy, the diet you will need, how to devise a training routine and how to arrange your busy life in order to accommodate it, and then explains how to finish a race, as well as how to recover from it.

The Complete Book of Triathlon Training will tell you how to be the best that you can be in triathlon; not necessarily by training harder, but by training smarter.
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Starting with the evolution of the triathlon into the Ironman Challenge, the title discusses gear and specialised equipment, how to tailor training to swimming, cycling and running.

It gives advice on nutrition and diet, handling injuries and, most importantly, features six week-by-week training programmes specifically devised for each of the three disciplines over various triathlon distances.