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Healthy Craving Equals Healthy Diet: Its Possible!

Sweets can also be healthy.

When you are trying to stick to a healthy diet and personal fitness regiment, it can sometimes be hard to fight off those late-night sweet cravings. This is especially true for those individuals who have a sweet tooth. Giving up sweets is a lot harder when you are so used to eating them all of the time. It’s okay to indulge in a tasty treat now and again, but when you reach for a bowl of ice cream night after night you are basically sabotaging your weight loss success.

Instead of depriving myself or always giving into a decadent dessert, its nice to find healthy substitutions. So whenever your sweet tooth kicks in you can reach for one of these go-to snacks. They’re not only satisfying but healthy as well.

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Healthy Comfort Foods? It’s Possible!

Healthy Comfort Foods for the Triathlete

We don’t typically think of pizza as a component of a healthy diet because it is high in total fats, saturated fat, sodium and calories. However, it’s possible to enjoy healthier pizza at home because you control the types and amounts of toppings.

Pizza doesn’t have to be junk food. Whether you want a healthier recipe because you are dieting or just because you want to make better food choices, a pizza is a meal that can be healthy and flavorful enough to please just about everyone in the family.

Like what the picture on the left suggests, you can layer the crust with sauce, cheese and plenty of vegetables. Using minimal amounts or no meat with plenty of vegetables can make your pizza a very healthy meal. Vegetables and fruit such as pineapple will give your meal a healthy twist and beautiful color.

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