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Your Questions About Ironman Triathlons

James asks…

What are some of the best techniques to use when training for an Ironman?

Eventually, after I graduate from college I would like to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. I am wondering what kinds of training tips I should keep in mind that might help me for the actual event…or any tips that I should keep in mind for that matter. All info would be helpful!

Mike Rich answers:

You need to be able to switch between the various disciplines so you need to train that way.

You do not need to train like you would for just one sport. Know that the 3 do complement each other so you do not need spend lots of time training (unless you plan on earning a living from this).

Many books out on the market can help you get started.

Also check your equipment out. Make sur eyou have a proper bike that is fitted to you, you have a good swim-technique, and good running shoes.

Only other thing I can advise is get ready to lay out a lot of money for this sport. But once you do, other things are just add-on’s so you do not need to spend as much.

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