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Triathlon Training

No matter what distances you’re training for, Triathlon Training offers expert guidance for improving your racing from start to finish. Triathlon Training contains six race-specific programs—two for sprint distances, two for Olympic distances, one for the half Ironman, and one for the Ironman.

Triathlon TrainingThe sprint and Olympic programs include target race times to help you choose the best program for yourself, based on your ability level. It also details a 12-week, step-by-step, base-building program that you can use to work up to racing distances.

The instruction, time management tips, and drills in Triathlon Training will help you make the most effective use of each training day. Insights from athletes’ profiles and information on nutrition, supplements, and equipment offer additional ways to maximize training as you prepare for competition. The book examines the most common triathlon injuries, offers advice on preventing those injuries, and details how to treat and recover from them, should they occur.

A full-color book with more than 200 photos, Triathlon Training was developed in consultation with USA Triathlon and the British Triathlon Association. Whether you are considering your first triathlon or are committing yourself to Ironman competition, this book will help put you on the path to a successful finish.

Triathlon 101 – Outdoor Adventures

Triathlon 101 helped thousands of athletes take the guesswork out of multisport training and racing. Now, this best-seller returns, updated with more top-notch information and solidifying its status as the essential guide for multisport success.

Triathlon 101 - 2nd Edition (Outdoor Adventures)In this new edition, you’ll learn these techniques and strategies:

-Choose the best equipment for your goals, terrain, and budget.

-Create your own triathlon program for various distances and events.

-Know how, when, and what to eat and drink when training or competing.

-Prevent overtraining and recover from common injuries.

-Swim and navigate in open water.

-Smoothly and quickly transition from one leg of the race to the next.

-Taper your training for peak performance on race day.

Sample training programs, the latest recommendations on equipment, correct technique, and expert advice from pros and coaches Terry Laughlin, Lauren Jensen, and Troy Jacobson will help you improve your skills and times in every event.
Spare yourself the trial-and-error experiences that can lead to injury or discouraging results. Be a smart triathlete from the start. For developing multisport athletes, the best course available is Triathlon 101.


Starting with the evolution of the triathlon into the Ironman Challenge, the title discusses gear and specialised equipment, how to tailor training to swimming, cycling and running.

It gives advice on nutrition and diet, handling injuries and, most importantly, features six week-by-week training programmes specifically devised for each of the three disciplines over various triathlon distances.