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The Triathlete’s Training Bible (2nd Edition)

The Triathlete’s Training Bible This new edition of The Triathlete’s Training Bible covers all of the specialized training needs of triathletes, including completely updated nutrition, recovery, and weight training information. The book also contains seasoned advice on the mental aspects of training.

Author Joe Friel shows how to achieve greater fitness by examining personal strengths and weaknesses, and devotes individual chapters to planning, racing, rest, and recovery.

Appendices include annual training plan worksheets and suggested swim, bike, run, and combined workouts.

Ironplanner: Iron-Distance Organizer for Triathletes (Ironman) (Ironman Edition)

Don’t do an Ironman without an Ironplan!

Ironplanner: Iron-Distance Organizer for Triathletes (Ironman)Getting the the starting line requires much more than a training plan. This book is full of worksheets and checklists that will organize every aspect of your race preparation so you don’t have to. Build an Ironman Notebook so you have everything you need in one place, even if your computer dies or your cell runs out of juice.

Start with the Ironplan Countdown, a checklist of over 100 things (over and above actually training for the event) you must do to get to the starting line calm and prepared. Keep track of fueling so you will have a tested nutrition strategy. Recognize your strengths and practice focusing skills during your workouts. Develop a powerful mental toolkit and build it into your race plan.

Create a spectator kit for your friends and family. Blank worksheets are available to purchasers that email their request to the author.

Weight Management for Triathletes (Ironman)

Weight Management for Triathletes (Ironman)Ironman: Weight Management for Triathletes is a guide for frustrated triathletes that find that training is not enough to take the weight off.

This guide helps triathletes come to terms with the reality that they must focus on food rather than training volume if they want to get lean.

This book provides practical information and tools that help triathletes of all levels in their quest to improve body composition for performance and aesthetics.

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