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A Healthy Guide to Sport: How to Make Your Kids Healthy, Happy, and Ready to Go (Ironman)

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Zu2pNSOaL.jpgThis book provides a comprehensive plan that helps parents guide their children towards a healthy love of sports. It will show parents, and their kids, how to get involved in triathlon and other “lifestyle” sports that can be pursued for a lifetime.

“A Healthy Guide to Sport” will show you how sport can be the most enjoyable, healthy, and educational activity our children get to do.

Starting Out Triathlon: Training for Your First Competition (Ironman Edition)

Starting Out Triathlon: Training for Your First Competition (Ironman Edition)Have you always wanted to give triathlon a try?

Well, here’s the best book on the market to get you to the starting line. Roch Frey and Paul Huddle are the two most respected names in multi sport coaching. They cover all the bases in the first book of the Ironman Training Series.

Besides running, cycling ad swimming, you’ll find information on everything from weight training to flexibility to nutrition. Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer. With Roch and Paul at your side, anyone and everyone can do a triathlon.