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Triathlon Suits for Women Review: TYR Trisuit

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon Suits for Women Review: TYR Trisuit. Will this be beneficial for you on race day? Read on and find out!” What to wear under the wetsuit? What to wear for the bike and the run? Good thing someone invented the wonderful trisuit, to which we’ve become accustomed. It’s supposed to make our lives so […]


Bike Review: Kestrel Bikes

By Mike Rich

“Thinking of buying a Kestrel Bike for your next big race? Read the review below and let us help you decide!” Kestrel Bikes – Kestrel Talon 105 Road Bike Review: Aerodynamic and Efficient Out on the road, the enemy of speed is aerodynamic drag Strengths: 1. Straight-line aerodynamics. Yes, this bike is very fast on […]


Triathlon Bike Reviews: The Best Long Distance Bikes for Triathlon

By Mike Rich

“Looking into Triathlon Bike Reviews to give you ideas on what Tri bike to buy? We review some of the best long distance bikes for triathlon. Read on!” When looking for a bike for big distances, whether you’re training or competing in a sportive, the needs differ hugely from a competition bike. A race-day bike needs […]

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