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Triathlon Nutrition: Nutritional Building Blocks for Every Triathlete

“Here are the Nutritional Building Blocks You Need For Triathlon.. Continue reading to find out what they are!”

triathlon nutritionThe subtle elements of training which is nutrition, such as stretching, strength training and sleeping, often get neglected because we’re so focused on swimming, biking and running. This is also true of your nutrition plan. It’s easy to focus on the big picture of the typical endurance macronutrients—carbohydrates, fats and proteins—but sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. Micronutrients are the true building blocks of nutrition, and are essential to an athlete’s performance.

The intake of micronutrients is something that Iñigo San Millán, Ph.D., director of the Exercise Physiology and Human Performance Lab at the University of Colorado Denver, advises his athletes to emphasize in their triathlon nutrition. “Most micronutrients are involved in so many physiologic and metabolic parameters that their deficiency can cause problems and interfere with performance,” San Millán says. Allen knows this firsthand after experiencing a noted deficiency in his endurance and performance. He says, “Without micronutrients, your cells function at only a fraction of their potential.”

So what do micronutrients actually do? Plenty.
• Provide a solid foundation for basic health and functionality
• Enhance and support the immune system, bone growth and strength (vitamins A, E, C, D and K and calcium)
• Aid in the formation of hemoglobin to carry oxygen (iron)
• Support hydration (sodium, calcium, magnesium)
• Reduce inflammation (vitamins A and D)
• Regulate energy and nerve conduction (vitamin B)

Beyond the common vitamins and minerals, there are some other key micronutrients you should work on incorporating into your meals.

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