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A Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon swimming tips, advice and more. Truly a complete guide. Read more now!” This guide is triathlon focused and recognises that triathletes, who come in all shapes and abilities, need a different style of training and technique to pro swimmers. For example, Phelps is 6’4″ and compared to your penguin-like wing span his 2m one […]


Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews: Choosing the Best Wetsuits

By Mike Rich

“We review some of the best triathlon wetsuits to help you give your competitors the slip in the swim. Read them below!” Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews for every triathlete: Orca Equip £215 The equip’s blue arms echo Orca’s top-end Alpha suit of a couple of years ago. The fully coated neoprene and impressively flexible shoulders […]


Big Decision: Triathlon Bikes or Road Bikes?

By Mike Rich

“Triathlon bikes or road bikes? What are the pros and cons? Find out below!” Before you even ask the road bike vs. tri bike question, you should have a couple sprint triathlons or duathlons under your belt. For your first couple go-rounds, use whatever you have available to you. Ride your kid’s BMX, borrow a […]

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