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Your Questions About Best Wetsuit For Weak Swimmers

Ruth asks…

Why are the olympic uniforms in swimsuits, trunks and gymnastic gear so revealing?

I know that some of the swimsuits are high for mobililty in the water and also includes the gymnastic uniforms, but why do they have to be that way? You can literally see a person’s butt almost hanging out of their uniforms. That’s not a good sight for people that have weak minds like child predators if you know what I mean.

Mike Rich answers:

Well it’s not like any of the swimmers or gymnasts are hideously ugly or morbidly obese covered in cellulite so I don’t find it that bad.

The swimmers and gymnasts’ uniforms are designed to be lightweight so they can move freely without heavy clothing weighing you down (imaging swinging up on the high bar with a baggy shirt flapping all over the place or trying to win a gold medal in swimming whilst being slowed down by a saggy pair of board shorts.)

Also it’s not that revealing, the men gymnasts generally all wear leotards with striupp pants or leggings (which is a shame) and the swimmers don’t even have their chests exposed (expect for maybe after the race when they pull the swimsuit/wetsuit down).
The gymnast’s leotards aren’t that horrible either, it would just be so much harder to compete if everyone was trying to be modest.

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