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Your Questions About Percentage Of Commuters Who Bike To Work

Nancy asks…

what citys have the most bike commuters?

wondering what percentage of people in different cities bike as their main mode of transportation.
i live in minneapolis, and i know we have been ranked in the top 5 in some studies.
also if you live in an really bike friendly city could you tell me about it??? thanks!

Mike Rich answers:

I say San Francisco, CA has one of the most active bike communities here. This Thursday, 5/17/07 is gonna be a Bike-to-Work Day. From what I remembered last year, even the mayor biked to his office in City Hall. There are certain streets where bike activist had such a powerful voice as to add bike lanes and make the City more bike-friendly. There is now a phone #/website set up where one could petition to install one of those upside down U frames on the street where you can lock your bike on any commercial street. Also, everyday on the local commuter train, CalTrain, its jammed pack with bikers that sometimes if its a full train and you have your bike, you are out of luck and have to wait for the next one. Don’t know the percentage of bikers though.

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